Industry 4.0 connectivity for time-critical industrial edge systems

IOTech Systems July 11, 2023

IOTech Edge Connect is the first Industry 4.0 connectivity solution designed specifically for time-critical and resource-constrained industrial edge systems. The technology is used as a high-performance embedded OT connectivity solution by some of the world’s leading industrial OEMs.

It provides a powerful edge software solution that simplifies the real-time acquisition of data from OT systems. Edge Connect supports key capabilities such as multi-protocol Southbound OT device connectivity, real-time data acquisition and aggregation, edge data processing, and data normalization to an Industry 4.0 standard OPC UA data layer that can be accessed by local edge applications or remote Cloud/IT systems.

An easy-to-use device management API based on MQTT is also provided to help on-board and manage the lifecycle of new connected device endpoints. MQTT can also be used to stream data to other edge applications or Cloud/IT endpoints or receive commands from external applications.

Capabilities include:

  • Small memory footprint.
  • Ultra-low latency data processing.
  • Predictable and deterministic real-time execution.
  • Easily ported legacy hardware and/or operating system.

Due to its small memory footprint, Edge Connect is perfectly suited for resource-constrained embedded applications such as those enabled by the next generation of connected microcontrollers, or can just as easily be deployed on any other hardware of choice including Gateway, IPC, or Server class edge devices.

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