mySCADA PRO software

April 17, 2024

mySCADA Technologies specializes in SCADA software for industrial automation, offering real-time monitoring and control capabilities. Their solution features intuitive visualization tools, support for multiple communication protocols, and remote accessibility via web and mobile interfaces, enabling users to optimize industrial processes efficiently. Overall, mySCADA provides a versatile and user-friendly solution for enhancing operational efficiency in industrial settings.

The greatest features of the new version 9:

  • Independence on OS and OS updates for higher security, easy deployment and ability to have multiple versions at the same time (containerized solution)

  • Improvements for Building Automation Industry (KNX protocol for Windows)

  • Enhanced CCTV system

  • Enriched stability and security

  • Separation of the SCADA system from the host computer

  • Always up to date SCADA package (secure)

  • Multiple runtime versions at the same time

  • Fast version switching (minimal downtime when updating)

  • Ready to use in common clouds (MS Azure, Amazon AWS)

We offer SW licenses, Industrial routers (with SCADA license), and operator’s panels.

Overall, mySCADA focuses on flexibility, security, ease of deployment, and scalability for SCADA systems, reflecting contemporary trends in industrial automation and cloud computing.

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