SMD23E2 Ethernet integrated stepper

June 27, 2023

AMCI’s SMD23E2 Networked Series is a size 23.3 inch integrated stepper motor, drive and controller package with network interface. It is a self-contained motion control product that is easy to install while delivering best in class performance at a competitive price.

AMCI’s SMD23E2 Network Series incorporates a stepper motor, drive and controller into a single product that interfaces to your PLC or PAC over the network (EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP and Profinet). We’ve reduced total system costs and simplified installation because you only have to purchase one product versus a separate controller, drive and motor. Plus, programming and configuration is streamlined because it uses standard commands through your PLC’s software that are communicated over the network. No additional software is required, and you don’t need to learn another programming language. AMCI’s SMD23E2 Networked Series integrates with your PLC or PAC.

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