Hierarchy of Controls: This figure, developed for an industrial setting or work environment, is used here as a model for airborne pandemic situations.
COVID-19 April 8, 2022

Layered COVID-19 controls significantly reduce risks

QuaRAD method quantifies efficacy across thousands of scenarios; rating system anticipated

By Kevin Parker
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
AI and Machine Learning May 19, 2022

How unsupervised machine learning benefits industrial automation

Unsupervised ML is designed to act on unlabeled data using algorithms that excel at identifying patterns and pinpointing anomalies in data ranging from condition monitoring and performance testing to cybersecurity and asset management.

By Kristin Lewotsky
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 May 24, 2022

IoT device standard challenges

Industry 4.0 adoption is pushing industry towards a more automated, and sophisticated manufacturing process, but this comes with risks.

By Joe Lomako
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Process Manufacturing May 25, 2022

Choosing the right packaging for a food and beverage facility

Owners must be strategic and intentional with material purchases and investments and what goes into a packaging process is no different.

By Sean O'Brien
Cobot logistics revenues will more than double in the next five years.
Robotics May 20, 2022

Collaborative market rebounds in 2021

By Maya Xiao
Courtesy: Inductive Automation
HMI, OI May 20, 2022

Four ways to build a great HMI with visual hierarchy

By Dante Augello
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Other Networks May 24, 2022

IT, OT convergence enabling digital manufacturing transformation

By Suzanne Gill
Rice University engineers have designed a catalyst of ruthenium atoms in a copper mesh to extract ammonia and fertilizer from wastewater. The process would also reduce carbon dioxide emissions from traditional industrial production of ammonia. Photo by Jeff Fitlow. Courtesy: Rice University.
Sustainability May 22, 2022

Process strips ammonia from wastewater

By Mike Williams
Courtesy: Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
Cybersecurity May 3, 2022

IDS developed for industrial control systems

By Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
Workforce Development May 23, 2022

Top 5 Control Engineering content: May 16-22, 2022

By Chris Vavra