Control Engineering hot topics, August 2023

Control Engineering’s most clicked articles in July 2023 included stories on PLC programming, Industry 4.0, edge computing and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By David Miller September 5, 2023

Hot topics in Control Engineering, for July 2023, for stories posted in the last three months included PLC programming, Industry 4.0, edge computing and more. Links to each article below.

1. PLC programming language fundamentals for improved operations, maintenance

Programmable logic controller (PLC) programming languages help keep manufacturing operations running smoothly. Learn about the five types of PLC programming languages and how they’re used.

2. Is Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing working for you?

2023 marks a dozen years of Industry 4.0. Control Engineering asked an Industry 4.0 expert how companies can tell if they’re moving quickly enough toward smart manufacturing and digital transformation. Are Industry 4.0 benefits passing you by?

3. Automation upgrades reduce sortation system wiring and lower costs

NPI’s singulation and sortation solutions, which leveraged PC-based controls and EtherCAT, helped a California distribution center reduce difficult-to-fill labor requirements while increasing throughput and decreasing turnaround times.

4. Edge controllers save money, lower risk for water pipeline, pumping, storage

Automation and control of greenfield water distribution system in the world’s largest new city presents challenges and opportunities: Designed-in advantages can be achieved in retrofit automation projects, too.

5. SCADA’s role in Industry 4.0, manufacturing applications

Data plays a vital role in the digitalization of industrial facilities and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems will be at the center.

6. How electrification of linear actuators improve material handling automation

Electric actuators are helping connect the emerging digital world and the physical world. Three factors impacting industrial motion and seven linear actuator advances are highlighted.

7. Are you making the most of PLC programming standards from PLCopen?

IEC 61131-3 offers users a reliable framework to develop efficient solutions at all phases of their automation process, and is used to support PLCopen libraries.

8. Motion control, ease of use, sustainability: Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023

First look at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023 includes motion control optimization, ease of use features and sustainability among other topics. Before the Sept. 11-13 show, strong attendance was expected, organizers said.

9. Turning smart devices into valuable IIoT devices

There are several ways to make a field device or a sensor “smart” and turning them into valuable IIoT devices.

10. Are you prepared for the future of manufacturing?

To avoid falling behind, manufacturers need to familiarize themselves with automation trends such as cybersecurity, analytics, MES/ERP integration and robotics.