EC: Centum VP R6

Process Control Systems: Centum VP R6 is the latest enhanced version of Yokogawa’s distributed control system. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Honorable Mention.
October 15, 2015

CENTUM VP, Yokogawa Electric Corp.Centum VP R6 capabilities can shorten project time while cutting cost and complications.

End users are telling automation suppliers they want to reevaluate how large-scale automation projects are implemented. The customer message is clear: projects take too long, they are too engineering intensive and—time and time again—automation systems become the critical path in the final stages, often causing a project to fall behind schedule.

Centum VP R6 provides three new products, N-IO (a new field I/O device), FieldMate Validator (new commissioning software) and Automation Design Suite (new engineering environment) to overcome the challenge.

N-IO provides software marshaling, universal I/O channels and built-in signal conditioners. The type of I/O and the interconnection between the I/O module and the controller can be modified remotely which significantly absorbs the impact of last-minute I/O changes.

N-IO matched with FieldMate Validator
N-IO increases the independence of the automation system from the process/mechanical design since it supports system-independent loop commissioning. When the I/O cabinet is in place and the field devices installed, FieldMate Validator can be used to verify performance of the field device and its interaction with the relevant final control element, even before the control system is installed. This feature shortens project execution time thanks to paralleled work.

Automation Design Suite
Automation Design Suite retains the entire engineering history of your plant which ensures up-to-date plant knowledge with every expansion and change throughout your lifecycle. This feature helps customers to avoid backslidings and significant rework.

Automation Design Suite can handle design patterns called Class Module libraries. Class Module libraries provide a very useful way to capture and institutionalize industry automation knowledge and best practices, which is a critical activity as a wave of experienced people move into retirement in the automation field. This feature greatly reduces overall engineering effort.

Yokogawa Electric Corp.,