EC: DeltaV Alarm Mosaic

Software — Applications: DeltaV Alarm Mosaic provides a configuration-free layer of protection against alarm floods, presenting alarms graphically to help reduce operator stress, increase situational awareness, and aid in root cause identification. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

October 13, 2016

DeltaV Alarm Mosaic provides dynamic visualization of current active alarms for a highly comprehendible view of alarm floods. Operator actions are integrated into Alarm Mosaic views for efficient operator evaluation of actions that may have contributed to the alarms. A history view in Alarm Mosaic enables comprehensive shift transition discussions of alarms and actions occurring in previous shifts.

Alarm rationalization and subsequent implementation of basic and advanced alarming methods form the first layer of defense against alarm floods, eliminating them before they happen. However when these prevention methods fail, either because they have not been fully deployed across the plant or unforeseen conditions arise, Alarm Mosaic can help by providing operators with an easier to comprehend view of the alarm flood accompanied by tools to help identify root cause conditions more quickly.

Operators can view a large number of alarms at once, unlike the classic alarm list where the number of alarms visible at a time is limited by the number of visible rows.

Operators can quickly evaluate relationships between control actions and new alarms and also evaluate shared alarm characteristics such as alarm type or assigned primary display. Shared characteristics can help identify the root cause for an alarm flood.

Alarm Mosaic provides an intuitive graphical view of current active alarms, with good visibility at a distance, making it ideal for use in control room overview displays.

An alarm activation history view based on the system event log enables previous alarm floods to be revisited, along with the control actions that were taken, for shift transition meetings and post alarm flood analysis.