EC: Memograph M RSG45 Data Manager

Hardware — Data acquisition: Memograph M RSG45 Data Manager is a compact device that can serve as a data acquisition/analysis system for small process control applications. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

October 13, 2016

The Advanced Data Manager is a flexible and powerful system for capturing, trending and analyzing process values. Its intuitive operation and flexibility allows the Memograph M to be quickly and easily integrated into a wide variety of applications. Individual measured process values are clearly presented on the display and securely logged, customer specified limits are monitored and utilized to initiate control actions or alarms. Via common communication protocols, the measured and calculated values can be easily communicated to higher-level systems and individual plant modules can be interconnected.

Benefits include:

  • High degree of data security: Tamper-proof data storage and personalized access authorization with electronic signature (FDA 21 CFR 11)
  • HART input card: HART sensors directly connected provide accurate process values for calculation and logging
  • HART gateway: Time-saving direct access to HART sensors in the field with FieldCare using Memograph M without interrupting the measuring loop
  • Stainless steel front with touch operation: Trouble-free operation in demanding environments such as hygienic or hazardous areas
  • System capability: Supports common fieldbuses (Modbus, Profibus DP, Profinet, EtherNet/IP) for fast integration into diverse systems
  • Integrated Web server: Remote access to device operation and visualization for lower maintenance costs
  • WebDAV: Files saved on SD card transmitted directly to a PC via HTTP without any additional software
  • Online visualization of instantaneous values, secure tamper-proof data handling in the SQL database and automatic reporting via available Field Data Management (FDM) software.