EC: Rockwell Software Quality Management

Software — Applications: The Rockwell Software Quality Management application is an out-of-box, comprehensive, quality-management solution that allows manufacturers to easily model and enforce their plants' in-process quality regimens. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 13, 2016

The Quality Management fit-for-purpose application (app) is an out-of-box, stand-alone application that is scalable to include other fit-for-purpose apps within the FactoryTalk ProductionCentre manufacturing execution system (MES) from Rockwell Automation. The new, comprehensive, quality-management application from Rockwell Automation allows manufacturers to more easily and efficiently model and enforce in-process quality regimens.

Through tight integration with automation and business-level, quality-management systems, the Quality Management app collects and exchanges data quickly, so nonconformance issues are identified before product leaves the plant.

Modern facilities are working to connect plant-floor data with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and business analytics to increase productivity and better manage global operations. This solution fills a gap for those producers who might not have large MES infrastructures, but want to move away from disparate or antiquated, paper-based quality systems. It’s also designed to grow with them when they expand into other MES solutions and become a more Connected Enterprise.

Using a built-in notification engine, the app quickly alerts personnel when a quality check needs to be completed. If the check fails, a configurable escalation workflow drives operations into additional quality sampling and corrective action plans, creating the potential to salvage product still on the line. This also gives plant and operations managers insight into the total number of completed, suspected and wasted batches.

The Quality Management app has the ability to run as a true thin-client application on desktops and a variety of devices, further reducing the cost and complexity of the quality system.

Rockwell Automation,