EC: STE-700 Series

Network Integration - Network hardware: The STE-700 Series are 8- or 16-port 1U rackmount industrial RS232 or RS422/485 serial device servers. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

Serial communication technology has been adopted and implemented by computing products and measurement devices for years. Today, millions of devices worldwide are still built with serial technology as a major data communication, such as barcode scanners, vending machines in consumer markets, and PLCs, HMIs, meters, or sensors in industrial automation applications. In fact, most of these legacy serial devices are still un-networked, and only rely on front-end computers for data transmission solutions.

Mission critical applications within power automation, oil and gas process automation, and wide area transportation systems applications cannot afford to lose data due to a front-end connection failure or network downtime. Antaira’s STE-700 serial device server series provides Serial-to-Ethernet solutions that instantly enable serial devices to link to the TCP/IP network. It provides advanced functions, such as network redundancy with an open standard ERPS (Ethernet ring protection switching) technology and fast network recovery time <50 ms; Dual-Subnet mode to perform data redundancy to remote dual host servers simultaneously; and Daisy Chain solutions for any additional Ethernet-based device connections. These functions can allow excellent real-time monitoring for the remote SCADA system or administrator.

This series provides 8- or 16-port models for RS232 or RS422/485 connections, plus high ESD and optional 2.5 KV optical isolation protection. Each model comes with a user friendly web console and traditional Telnet options with flexible Virtual COM or Socket connection operation modes for setup configuration.

Antaira’s STE-700 series is designed with a wide operating temperature that supports -20 to 70 C excellent for harsh industrial environment applications. It is a perfect industrial device networking solution for remote monitoring, access, and control in any typical industrial automation or mission critical application in the manufacturing, transportation, WWTP/utility, and oil and gas industries.

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