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Effects of COVID-19 on automation, controls, instrumentation

In video comments, Control Engineering content manager Mark T. Hoske briefly touches on short- and longer-term effects of COVID-19 on automation, controls, and instrumentation markets.

By Control Engineering May 13, 2020
Control Engineering’s polls on COVID-19 show deepening impacts. For respondents to our engineering publications answering March 11 to 19 and March 20 to 25, 13% felt a “great deal” of impact in the first week and 35% the next week. Nearly 3 of 4 respondents said their businesses have been negatively affected. Those experiencing severe supply chain impacts have doubled. Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology

The tragedies surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic are deep, and all of us at CFE Media and Technology express our sympathies for those impacted by deaths, illnesses, financial and other resulting hardships. We also express gratitude for good news amid the many sorrows. Content manager Mark T. Hoske touches on several engineering-related topics here. Watch the video to learn more.

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