EtherCAT servo terminals with STO functionality

Beckhoff's EL72x1-9014 EtherCAT servo terminals from implement safe torque off (STO) functionality. and integrated features correspond to safety level Cat 3/PL d.

By Beckhoff Automation October 29, 2016

Beckhoff’s EL72x1-9014 EtherCAT servo terminals from implement safe torque off (STO) functionality. The integrated features correspond to safety level Cat 3/PL d, according to EN ISO 13849-1:2015. The input/output (I/O) terminal form-factor of the EL72x1-9014 are designed to promote motion solutions via advanced servo drive technology with built-in safety functionality and one cable technology (OCT), which combines power and feedback signals to servomotors into one standard cable. In addition, 2-channel shut-off with corresponding contactors in the motor cable provides a considerable reduction in cabling effort, space requirements and cost. Both are designed to power servomotors from the Beckhoff AM8100 series. The integrated electronic type plate of the AM8100 motors can be read-in automatically by the servo terminals, simplifying machine commissioning considerably.

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