How do I get Control Engineering product coverage?

Ask Control Engineering: CFE Media New Products for Engineers Database serves up products to readers of Control Engineering and other CFE Media publications.
By CFE Media December 7, 2016

To make it easier and more convenient for the 1.37 million engineering audience of CFE Media to quickly explore and find new product information CFE Media has developed New Products for Engineers Database.

This self-service database allows new product information to be directly uploaded by product vendors, PR personnel, agencies, etc., so it’s simple to submit new products by following the 3 steps below:

1. Register your name, company, user ID and password

2. Login after initial registration to submit products

3. Submit and manage your products

Product submission guidelines provide more information

When entering a product, please select product categories that match most exactly to ensure the best user experience and to maximize search engine optimization. Consider the product’s purpose (what it is or what it does), rather than all its features when selecting a category. For example:

– A valve might connect to a distributed control system (DCS), but the product is a valve, not a DCS.

– A motor may communicate via Ethernet, but the product is a motor, not Ethernet hardware.

Get started today to get your new products seen by our high quality buyers through Control Engineering, Consulting-Specifying Engineer, IIoT for Engineers, Oil & Gas Engineering, and Plant Engineering.

CFE Media New Products for Engineers Database will help Control Engineering site visitors and subscribers to other products find the product information they need. Access the New Products for Engineers Database using the link in the upper left area of www

The database was made available on CFE Media websites on Dec. 5 and complements and interlinks with the Global System Integrator Database.

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