I/O module and integrated architecture builder announced

Rockwell Automation announced an input/output (I/O) module and integrated architecture builder at Automation Fair 2022.

By Tyler Wall November 29, 2022
Armand Prezioso discussing the properties of the FLEXHA 5000. Courtesy: Tyler Wall, CFE Media and Technology


Learning Objectives

  • Predictive and preventive maintenance are imperative to reducing downtime on the plant floor.
  • The I/O module is design to reduce downtime, redundancy and improve reliability.
  • The integrated architecture builder (IAB) is a process system configurator and estimator.

I/O module insights

  • The FlexHA 5000 I/O module is Rockwell Automation’s newest module that aims to take on predictive and preventative maintenance.
  • The module is reliable, able to reduce downtime and has a redundancy feature to allow on-the-go maintenance.
  • They also showcased their Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB), which is a process system configurator and estimator.

Rockwell Automation announced the FlexHA 5000 input/output (I/O) module and their Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) at Automation Fair at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Predictive and preventive maintenance is imperative to reducing downtime on the plant floor and manufacturers are looking for solutions to improve longevity.

I/O module benefits, key features

Armand Prezioso, CVB product manager at Rockwell Automation, delivered a presentation on the I/O system and its key features, which include:

  • Reliability: The reduced complexity makes it easier to use and operate.

  • Reduced downtime: It’s high fault tolerance detects any issues before they snowball.

  • Redundancy: The plant floor won’t stop of one module stops.

According to Rockwell, “FlexHA 5000 I/O module is both reliable and flexible, allowing users to choose the I/O that best meets their operational needs.” Because of the footprint, up to 24 of the modules can be fitted into a single node. This is possible because of its integrated design and reduced complexity.

The module presents many use options because it allows for analog and digital connections. According to Prezioso, one key feature is the redundancy feature, which allows one (or multiple) of the I/O modules to act as a “backup” to the active modules. The I/O are software configurable; a software change can fix a wiring error.

If something were to go wrong with a module, the redundant one will maintain operations as a way of preventative maintenance. The hot-swappable design allows an engineer to go into the node and swap out the faulty module. Another feature of the FlexHA 5000 module is its high fault tolerance.

Rockwell also stated in a press release that engineers can “Reduce downtime with easy access to additional process diagnostics via HART premier integration in Studio 5000 Logix Designer software,” as well as reduce setup time when using the integrated PlantPAx system.

Integrated architecture builder

In order to build the best customized system possible for a plant, Rockwell Automation also released its Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB), which is a process system configurator and estimator designed to work with all of Rockwell’s products.

This system is designed for all engineers, with novice engineers being able to get recommendations for different project specifications. On the “super user” side, engineers can pick exactly what systems they want. The IAB also has a drag-and-drop, user friendly UX that makes building out systems to make specification easy.

There also is an IAB mobile application available for getting quick ideas sketched out before implementing.

Tyler Wall is an associate editor at CFE Media and Technology, twall@cfemedia.com. Additional information provided by Rockwell Automation.


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Author Bio: Tyler Wall is an associate editor for CFE Media and Technology