New software helps with industrial cloud, AI, microservices from IoT summit

Control Engineering China: Advantech announced its Internet of Things (IoT) platform architecture and solution ready packages (SRP) at the Advantech IoT summit in Suzhou, China.

By Stone Shi November 25, 2018

Advantech’s Internet of Things (IoT) Co-Creation Summit in Suzhou, China, is intended to assist companies in the integration and integration of hardware and software in various industries and build a complete Industrial IoT (IIoT) ecosystem and value chain. The company had a pair of announcements at the event: their IoT platform architecture WISE-PaaS 3.0 and 30+ sets of solution ready packages (SRP) created by software and industry partners for the IoT industry.
WISE-PaaS 3.0 provides four functional modules to assist with industrial upgrades:

  • WISE-PaaS/SaaS Composer, which is a process visualization cloud configuration tool that can import application scenarios into 3-D modeling drawing and interaction.
  • WISE-PaaS/AI Framework Service (AFS): Artificial intelligence (AI) model training and deployment service framework provides a simple drag-and-drop interface, allowing developers to import industrial data combined with artificial intelligence algorithms to establish an effective inference engine that can automatically deploy to edge computing platforms.
  • WISE-PaaS/Asset Performance Management (APM): This equipment networking remote operation and maintenance service framework can interface with many on-site industrial equipment control and communication protocols.
  • Microservices development framework: The microservices development framework is designed to assist developers, quickly generate microservices design framework, reduce development threshold. At the same time, there are flexible mechanisms for microservices such as service discovery, load balancing, service management, and configuration center.

KC Liu, chairman of Advantech, said that in view of the diverse and extensive applications of IoT applications and the fragmentation of the market, his company will assist industries to integrate existing hardware and software to establish a complete industrial value chain as an IoT industry. Key to a successfully implemented supply chain is the full cooperation and integration between platform technology suppliers and industry experts to form a standardized and reproducible software and hardware system product with SRP, Liu said.

SRP installs and performs subsequent maintenance on-site to become a complete field solution to form the industrial chain of IIoT. Based on the membership-based operation; the cooperation between SRP software development and domain-focused solution integrators (DFSI).

Stone Shi is executive editor-in-chief, Control Engineering China. Edited by Chris Vavra, production editor, Control Engineering, CFE Media,


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Advantech’s Internet of Things (IoT) Co-Creation Summit in China is intended to assist companies integrate hardware and software.

Advantech announced an IoT platform architecture and more than 30 solution ready packages for IoT software and industry partners.

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