RFID regroup: Lowry teams with OATSystems for industrial asset tracking

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff July 9, 2008

RFID solutions supplier Lowry Computer Products is pairing up with OATSystems for turnkey asset tracking and work-in-process solutions for the industrial manufacturing sectors, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer packaged goods companies.
OATSystems, a division of Checkpoint Systems , will be able to offer complementary merchandise protection and inventory management applications. Lowry customers will benefit from the flexible RFID solution framework, which has seen successful deployment across several industries—leading to what OATSystems reports as significant ROI.
Delivered through Lowry’s RFID certified Professional Services Division, OATSystems capabilities will enable businesses to improve local processes such as shipping & receiving, asset tracking, and work-in-process while delivering increased supply chain visibility across multiple and remote sites.
The flexibility of the solution architecture, unique to OATSystems, enables businesses to deploy RFID business logic using a lightweight and low-cost infrastructure, while maintaining centralized systems management and control capabilities.
Says Michael Lowry, CEO, Lowry Computer Products, “OATSystems has the RFID industry’s most scalable solution, as well as the most innovative approaches to providing enterprisewide RFID capabilities. We are excited about leveraging this robust and comprehensive solution set for our ongoing integration projects.”