Survey respondents show edge computing optimism

End users are optimistic about edge computing’s ability to transform industrial automation processes, according to research by Stratus Technologies and CFE Media.

By CFE Media October 3, 2019

Edge computing has the ability to transform industrial automation processes, according to the “Edge Computing Trend Report” from Stratus Technologies and CFE Media and Technology. The report is the first the first chapter in a global research series on the topic.

The report surveyed 300 engineers, system integrators, and operations technology (OT) professionals in various industries in North America. Highlights from the research include:

  • 66% of North American industrial operators are planning to implement edge computing solutions within the next 12 months
  • 63% of respondents consider device failure detection to be the most valuable use case for edge computing
  • 51% of respondents position themselves as either early adopters or early actors of edge computing, while 38% of respondents position themselves as conservative, taking a “wait-and-see” approach.

Edge computing puts computational resources at or near industrial processes, the report says, to relieve bandwidth constraints or latencies, improve system security and reliability. The report suggests edge computing can filter or process data so only what’s needed is transmitted between production control and enterprise systems and/or cloud-based resources.

More information is available from Stratus Technologies on edge computing.

Edited by CFE Media and Technology from information provided by Stratus.

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