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Process Safety December 9, 2012

Decentralizing process control and information management

The “D” in DCS has always stood for distributed. While the technological drivers behind this networking strategy may have changed, do the basic concepts of distributed intelligence still apply?

By Peter Welander, Control Engineering
Wireless June 22, 2011

Adding Ethernet protocol options

If your device has to be able to communicate using more than one industrial Ethernet protocol, the number of options is growing.

By Peter Welander, Control Engineering
Energy, Power April 29, 2011

Time to buy that electric car?

Have we reached the tipping point where an electric car will be cheaper? Watch this video.

By Peter Welander, Control Engineering
Vision and Discrete Sensors December 20, 2010

Back to Basics: Finding, measuring the right product attributes

Tutorial: What characteristics of a product are most important, and how do you measure them? A recent Ask Control Engineering blog question dealt with finding a sensor that would be able to tell if the liquid flowing through a pipe was water or orange juice. This question brought up the larger issue of defining product attributes and finding an appropriate approach for measuring them. What kind of sensors should you use?

By Peter Welander, Control Engineering
Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 16, 2010

Solving Process Instability

Some processes just seem hard to manage: Loops won’t tune, upsets are common, products are off spec. Nothing will run in automatic like it is supposed to and you can’t figure out why. What are the main causes of unruly processes, and how do you fix those at the source? How do you hunt down the causes? This is the June/July 2010 Control Engineering cover story.

By Peter Welander, Control Engineering
Wireless April 1, 2010

An end-user view on wireless instrumentation

What do end users want from wireless, and a wireless standard? Exxon-Mobil's instrumentation team leader weighs in on the ISA100.11a standard.

By Peter Welander, Control Engineering
Machine Safety April 1, 2010

Protecting Intellectual Property

If a company's knowledge is a valuable asset, how do you keep it from eroding? Can it be protected during critical times such as control system upgrades and migrations?

By Peter Welander, Control Engineering
HMI, OI March 1, 2010

Process Simulation Use Report

Research respondents say operator training is the most important use of process simulation software. This reflects changing day-to-day operational realities.

By Peter Welander, Control Engineering
DCS, SCADA, Controllers March 1, 2010

EDDL Team Reorganizes for FDI

EDDL Cooperation Team reorganizes itself to become FDI. New unified technical and functional specs scheduled for 2010. Will it turn EDDL and FDT into one common platform? No, nor is that the intent.

By Peter Welander, Control Engineering
Control Systems February 1, 2010

Understanding Derivative in PID Control

The third factor in PID is the least understood. Derivative action can do good things, but when used improperly, it causes headaches.

By Peter Welander, Control Engineering
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