AVEVA March 1, 2022

Flexible, high-performance SCADA software for plant personnel, AVEVA Plant SCADA offers superior operational context and built-in functionalities to help consolidate, simplify, and optimize control. It empowers operators of industrial processes to streamline their operations for efficiency, reliability, and safety.

With intuitive configuration tools and powerful engineering features, AVEVA Plant SCADA helps consolidate and streamline control from an increasing array of data sources. This enables the creation of a visually informative supervisory application that maintains operator focus, reducing human error and revealing opportunities for performance improvement.

Plant SCADA’s robust capabilities allow a holistic view of operations, empowering teams to not only optimize the now, but also look to the future in the design and acceleration of operations control. Seamlessly weave visualization, alarming, trends, interlocks, and control together for superior operational context. Through improved supervisory control and more effective integration and mobility capabilities, organizations can harness process data to increase productivity and support digital transformations.

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