VerifEye series advanced submeters and 24-circuit branch circuit monitors

Leviton September 6, 2023

Leviton recently announced the expansion of the VerifEye Series 7000 family line with advanced 3-phase submeters and 24-circuit advanced branch circuit monitors to meet additional applications.

The Series 7000 advanced 3-phase submeters provide a versatile power metering solution for commercial and industrial applications. Series 7000 24-circuit advanced branch circuit monitors are an ideal solution for high density and branch circuit monitoring applications in both new construction and retrofit applications.

The series 7000 family of submeters are ideal for real-time power monitoring, energy allocation, energy management, load monitoring, code compliance and tenant submetering. Facility managers can easily monitor current, voltage, instantaneous power, demand and energy consumption of each monitored circuit with the new submeters.

The Series 7000 submeters support industry standard communications over RS485 and Ethernet, including ModBus RTU, ModBus TCP, BACnet MS/TP and BACnet IP for maximum flexibility.

The family features models in wall mount enclosures as well as open frame models designed for integration into an electrical distribution panel.

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