EC: Field Information Manager (FIM)

Software - Control design: The Field Information Manager (FIM) from ABB is the world's first FDI-based device management tool. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

ABB’s Field Information Manager is a paradigm change for configuration and parameterization of Fieldbus devices. The tool is very easy to install and has innovative and intuitive navigation and an adaptive user interface. This makes configuration, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of HART instrumentation faster and easier than ever before.

Next generation device management—Keep a step ahead

  • Interoperability based on FDI common host components
  • Device packages for ABB devices are pre-loaded
  • Generic HART device package for all HART devices
  • Optional import of HART EDDs (fm8 files), in case FDI device packages are not suitable.

User benefits—Designed for ease of use

  • Get started in less than 3 minutes—installation to online device configuration
  • Access device menu with just one click
  • Designed and developed for desktops, client, server as well as tablets based on Windows operating system
  • Easy navigation.

The currently released FIM Device Window Edition is just the beginning. Since interoperability problems were solved by using common FDI common host components, it has been possible to create a user-friendly interface for the key features required for working online with field devices. FIM will be updated to include new features and functions as the development of common FDI host components progresses. The goal is to ensure that future versions comprise a complete system for field asset management that can be integrated into process control and ERP systems. This will also include the FDI device model based on OPC UA for general access to device information. Users will be able to upgrade their version and remain synchronized as development progresses at no additional cost.

Users can download and use the Device Window Edition on a trial basis free of charge from ABB’s website at