EC: O3D Smart Sensor O3D302

Machine & Embedded Control - Machine vision, barcode readers: ifm efector's O3D Smart Sensor for industrial applications is a one-of-a kind, powerful imaging solution designed to simplify difficult applications such as case completeness verification and box dimensioning at an industry-leading price point. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Honorable Mention.

October 15, 2015

Simplifying complex problems is a core objective at ifm. The O3D Smart Sensor embodies this principle.

At the heart of ifm’s O3D Smart Sensor is pmd Time-of-Flight technology developed by ifm’s daughter company, pmd technologies. Google’s Project Tango uses this same technology to give mobile devices human-scale sensing of depth and motion.

Extremely flexible, robust and affordable, ifm’s O3D Smart Sensor solves traditionally difficult application challenges by enabling automated machines to perceive their environments the way we do, in 3D.

The use of depth, with its natural resistance to ambient lighting conditions and color changes, helps solve challenging applications such as case completeness and box dimensioning.

Case completeness challenge/solution:
One hundred percent inspection for a complete "pack" is difficult. The machines are flexible enough to handle a variety of package sizes, quantities and colors, but the sensing technology has not been…until now.

The O3D Smart Sensor ignores color and size and easily configures for different case quantities (usually in less than 2 minutes). The result is a very robust and flexible sensing solution.

Box dimensioning challenge/solution:
Dimensioning systems make mixed-case palletizing more efficient and help distribution centers better utilize storage space. Current price points, however, limit their usage.

The O3D Smart Sensor’s box dimensioning application can be configured in less than 2 minutes. It is accurate up to less than ½-in. on all dimensions, applicable for all areas of the plant and extremely affordable.

Customers can use the simple distance functionality to create their own applications or design more advanced applications by taking the entire point cloud from the device into the controller.

ifm has taken its unique technology and simplified it, offering a powerful, affordable industrial imaging solution with unsurpassed performance value at the low list price.

ifm efector inc.,