Industry standard size 25 encoder reference website, push-button programmable encoders

An encoder part number reference website,, deciphers more than 200,000 size-25 encoder combinations, gives descriptions and replacement options with next-day delivery for orders placed by 6 p.m. CST; 10 two-button-programmable encoders are said to cover all combinations.

By Mark T. Hoske June 22, 2021


Learning Objectives

  • A reference website for size-25 encoders simplifies replacements.
  • Entering the part number replies with description and replacement with a rugged, two-button programmable encoder.
  • Next-day delivery is available.

An encoder reference website,, from Autotech Controls offers more than 200,000 industry standard size-25 encoder part-number combinations, encoder descriptions and replacement options, helpful for automation, controls, and maintenance staff in factory applications. Next-day delivery is promised for orders placed by 6 p.m. CST. One two-button, field-programmable encoder, incremental or absolute, covers 20,000 combinations, according to the company. These encoders measure rotary position.

Challenging to replace encoder

Even though industry has standardized on Size 25 encoders with almost same electrical and mechanical characteristics, because so many encoder combinations are available (often with more than 15 alpha-numerical characters in part numbers) and each encoder manufacturer has its own part numbers, replacement can be difficult. Using the reference website helps determine the characteristics of the encoder to be replaced and get a drop-in-replacement encoder in hand next day  rather than a week or more, important for machine uptime and throughput.

The size 25 encoder has a 2.5-in. diameter housing and 3/8-inch shaft, though mechanical and electrical specifications may vary slightly. Major U.S. suppliers are BEI, Dynapar and Rockwell Automation, and each supplier varies part number naming conventions. The size 25 encoder reference site clarifies encoder specifications, even without any purchase.

While Autotech Controls began to offer two-button encoder programming more than four years ago, this expansion, with top-of-the-line mechanical and electrical specifications, along with the programming, reduces the number of spare parts needed for encoders. The website accelerates finding the correct match and offers next-day delivery and cost savings over the parts they’re replacing. This is because only 10 hardware combinations are offered, rather than thousands, according to Autotech Controls. In addition, the need to stock all kinds of different models is vastly reduced.

About the absolute, incremental encoders

The Autotech Controls Incredible Smart-Encoder, with two-button programming, is said to be the most rugged encoder in the market. It is rated NEMA 4/IP66, it can operate from -20 to 85°C. Shaft seal comes standard. It has a rating of 80-lb radial shaft load and can run at 12,000 rpm.

Smart-Encoder comes with optical disc or a resolver as its position sensor. While AI-PI models are rugged, the AI-RI resolver model is suited for extreme shock and vibration. It can operate in harsh environments that have oil-mists, coolants and solvents. Resolver based units have better shaft loading and shock and vibration specifications.

“This reference website and the Incredible Autotech Smart-Encoder solves a major problem for manufacturing plants, reducing down-time and increasing productivity” said Shalli Kumar, founder of Autotech Controls and an avid inventor with more than 20 patents.

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Inventory reduction, shorter delivery time, and lower cost are among size 25 replacement encoder benefits at a new reference website.

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