Integrated drive, motor, gear unit saves 60% electricity compared to traditional products

Video: Integrated electronic drive, permanent magnet motor, and gears, the SEW Movigear was shown to save 60% in electricity compared to a more traditional design with separate drive, motor, and gearbox, which requires more space and creates more heat.

By CFE Media December 1, 2014

The SEW Eurodrive Movigear mechatronic drive system, as demonstrated at Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago with a wine bottle conveyor, offers advantages over traditional drive solutions, according to Hans Rodgers, district sales manager, SEW Eurodrive. Movigear combines three SEW-Eurodrive products in one housing: gear unit, permanent magnet motor, and electronic drive, designed for the running load of the conveyor.

Integrating the components extends product service life and reliability, Rodgers said. Traditional conveyor applications can save 35%-75% in electricity savings, depending on the motion control application.

The demonstration with the wine bottles produced 60% savings, according to the attached meters. Other benefits include less heat (decreasing load on ambient air conditioning) and less space.

Maximum energy savings occurs when considering all system components, including electronic and cable losses, gear reducer efficiency, and load profile. Independent research cited by SEW Eurodrive has shown that the Movigear alone can provide 20-30% energy savings. However, even greater savings occurs when replacing a low efficiency gear reducer, such as a worm style, or when replacing an oversized motor. Considering the load profile, savings occurs because the Movigear can handle up to 400% overload for up to 5 sec and 200% overload for 5 minutes. Therefore, a smaller motor sized for the continuous running torque can be used instead of an oversized motor. The result is a drastic increase in the motor power factor and its associated energy savings during continuous operation, according to the company.

– Mark T. Hoske, content manager, CFE Media, Control Engineering,

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