2022 System Integrator Giants

The 2022 System Integrator Giants are adapting to the new normal with COVID-19 as new challenges await on the horizon.

By CFE Media December 6, 2021

Pendant Automation Inc. moved up from number 63 to 38. Lord & Company Inc. moved from the number 66 position to 54. McEnery Automation edged up from number 57 to 55, while Quantum Solutions Inc. remained steady in the number 56 slot. Logicon Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd., which entered the System Integrator Giants list last year, moved up from number 75 to number 67.

COVID-19 concerns and issues were the biggest corporate challenges for 54% of the System Integrator Giants who responded to a CFE Media survey. One SI Giant acknowledged attributes of its best customers as, “Adaptability during COVID-19 when projects where delayed due to back order of parts or shutdowns.”

Education, training and mentoring remain a priority among System Integrator Giants. When asked, “What educational and mentoring programs does your firm offer its engineering staff?” Ninety-four percent responded, “Attend webcasts during business hours”; 90% responded, “Paid training and testing leading to professional certifications”; and 84% responded, “Paid attendance to conferences/tradeshows.”

Relationships remain a defining characteristic of System Integrator Giants. When asked, “What are the attributes of your best customers?” One giant said, “The client must be relationship-based because we want to establish long-term relationships where we can provide greater value to our clients. We are not typically interested in one-and-done type situations. We want to invest in and delight our clients by meeting or exceeding their expectations, and then get the opportunity to propose the next job. We are proud of the fact that our first client is still a client of ours.”

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