Top 5 Control Engineering articles Apr. 16-22

Articles about ladder logic, Triton cybersecurity advice, AI and robotics, digital plant-floor technologies, and wellsite valve manifolds were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from April 16-22, 2018. Miss something? You can catch up here.
By Chris Vavra April 23, 2018

The logic shows that if a normally closed system fault bit is placed in series with the fault logic for an individual fault, it prevents multiple faults from occurring. Courtesy: Automation Primer

The top 5 most read articles online, from Apr. 16-22 for Control Engineering, covered ladder logic, Triton cybersecurity advice, AI and robotics, digital plant-floor technologies, and wellsite valve manifolds. Links to each article below.

1. Ladder logic 403: Message scrolling and multiple faults

Two faults happening at the same time in ladder logic is extremely unlikely, but there are different situations and scenarios users need to be cognizant of and plan for accordingly.

2. Advice from the Triton cybersecurity incident 

Cybersecurity incident: Human errors enabled it, but the Triconex safety controller shut down the plant as designed, say experts with Schneider Electric and ARC Advisory Group. But it’s still a call to action for industry. Have you implemented changes since then?

3. Artificial intelligence’s impact on the robotics industry

Researchers and manufacturers are looking to teach robots how to learn and handle complex tasks with artificial intelligence (AI), but their capabilities are quite a bit removed from what people believe robots are capable of achieving. 

4. How to transition from traditional to digital plant-floor technologies

Improving plant efficiencies starts with bridging the gap between workforce generations. Generation X can help connect traditional industrial applications with digital manufacturing. See three benefits of mobility on the plant floor and implementation advice.

5. Wellsite valve manifolds simplified

A multiport flow selector is safer, less expensive, lighter weight, and more compact than conventional units.  

The list was developed using CFE Media’s web analytics for stories viewed on, Apr. 16-22, for articles published within the last two months.

Chris Vavra, production editor, CFE Media,

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