Top 5 Control Engineering content: April 3-9, 2023

The top 5 articles from the past week include PID loop tuning, smart instrumentation and logistics automation.

By David Miller April 10, 2023

Control Engineering’s top 5 pieces of content over the past week covered PID Loop tuning, smart instrumentation and logistics automation.

1.PID loop tuning parameters and control fundamentals

It is important to understand what proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control is and the parameters for closed-loop, open-loop and cascading loops and the parameters involved.

2. Smart instrumentation helps with green hydrogen production, sustainability

Addition of green hydrogen energy processes needs smart instruments to help with goals for global sustainability and net-zero carbon emissions. Instrumentation needed include gas analyzers as well as conductivity, temperature, level, pressure and flow measurement devices (flowmeters, transmitters).

3. The impact of new technologies on automation and digitalization system architectures

Digital telecommunication evolution has been rapid over the past several years and is providing near real-time communication.

4. Logistics, robotics advances at the heart of improving automation

ProMat’s return after a four-year absence showed a greater emphasis on robotics and how logistics improvements can make automation better in manufacturing facilities. See video.

5. Robots making farming more sustainable and flexible

Farmwise uses large autonomous machines and robots to snip weeds while preserving crops, eliminating the need for herbicides.