Top 5 Control Engineering content: January 15-21 2024

The top 5 pieces of content from the past week includes HMIs, AI and system integration.

By David Miller January 22, 2024
Apollo is a humanoid robot made by Apptronik that is designed to perform any physical job a human can. Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology

Control Engineering’s top 5 pieces of content over the past week include HMIs, AI and system integration.

1. Batch solutions specialists deliver for processing, packaging company

What does it take to implement a systems integration project? This case study examines several potential challenges and how they were resolved.

2. What makes an HMI excel on the plant floor

A human-machine interface (HMI) can offer engineers different benefits depending on the industry and setting it’s being used in.

3. 6 AI motion control applications to improve OEE

AI offers end-users the ability to analyze information collected from machines or manufacturing lines to optimize operational performance. Below, see six common motion control applications that can benefit from AI.

4. The time is now for systems integrators

Labor and skills shortages justify increased automation; SIs occupy key position in today’s supply chains; SI Giants embrace the opportunities.

5. Robots are becoming more versatile and human

Robotics technology is getting more sophisticated and capable of performing more tasks while also making them more human in their behavior and movement.