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Process Instrumentation and Sensors June 1, 1999


Connecting with each other is central to our well being and success. Whether it's a connection with a spouse, family members, an employer, coworkers, or a community, our relationships define our lives.For five decades, Control Engineering has covered connections in the control and automation market.

By Jane S. Gerold
HMI, OI May 1, 1999

Top 10 reasons to go online

At the Control Engineering Editors' Choice Awards reception, managing editor, Mark Hoske, tongue planted firmly in cheek, asked the audience, "By show of hands, how many of you think the Internet is important to your business?" No surprise, every hand in the house shot up. In classic understatement, he joked, "I think this Internet thing is really going to catch on.

By Jane S. Gerold
PID, APC April 1, 1999

It’s the reliability, stupid!

Editors love to receive fan mail. But some of Control Engineering's recent coverage of Microsoft Corp. systems has elicited something closer to hate mail. Readers have e-mailed us complaining that Microsoft operating systems are not reliable or easy to use. In particular, readers have questioned the real-time capabilities of Windows CE.

By Jane S. Gerold
Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 1, 1999

Merger mania

Is bigger really better? Industrial controls suppliers seem to think so, as they continue a decade-long binge of merger mania.Billion-dollar fish are swallowed by multibillion-dollar fish, with conglomerates moving further up the food chain. The most recent acquisitions include ABB's approved $2.

By Jane S. Gerold
Diagnostics, Asset Management January 1, 1999

Party Like It’s 1999!

Where will you be December 31, 1999? Unless you already have reservations, you won't be staying at Walt Disney World or jetting around the world on the Concord. Those parties are sold out. Maybe you'll be lighting bonfires in Iceland, or ringing bells in England; partying in Rio de Janeiro, or at a beach bash in Sri Lanka; watching the world's "first light" on the slopes of Mount Hakepa i...

By Jane S. Gerold
System Integrators December 15, 1998

A New Name and a New Look

Welcome to the 1999 edition of Control Engineering's annual directory of automation system integrators. This year we have a new look and a new name—the Automation Integrator Guide. All the best features of the former Automation Register are still here with several improvements to better help you find the engineering services needed for your next project.

By Jane S. Gerold
Ethernet December 1, 1998

The Ethernet wars

Profibus vs. FOUNDATION fieldbus; ControlNet vs. Interbus; DeviceNet vs. SDS; Seriplex vs. AS-Interface—the bus wars continue to rage. But a new challenger has changed the battle.Ethernet, a standard in business networking since the mid-1980s, is touted by vendors and users alike as a contender for industrial applications.

By Jane S. Gerold
Workforce Development October 1, 1998

Users Pick Standards

What do Ethernet, PCs, and Micro-soft products have in common?A. They are all commercial computing standards.B. They have changed the way companies manage business data.C. They are changing the way manufacturers manage plant data.D. All of the above.The answer, of course, is D. The past five years have seen enormous changes in automation architectures—changes that would have been un...

By Jane S. Gerold
Machine Safety September 1, 1998

Can We Talk?

It seemed like a simple enough question. "How many pages we will have in the September issue?" I asked our managing editor. "That depends on who's counting," he replied. Our business department monitors pages according to ad revenue; the post office counts pages by demographic distribution; and we editors count pages in terms of articles, news, and other information in the magazine.

By Jane S. Gerold
Workforce Development August 1, 1998

Battling the Obsolescence Blues

Here's a scary thought. If you received your engineering degree prior to 1991, half of what you learned about your field is now obsolete. If you work in software development, it's even more bleak. Your expertise has a half-life of about two years, which means all but the most recent graduates are out-of-date.

By Jane S. Gerold
Process Safety July 1, 1998

Siemens— A Work in Process

Sometimes, even when you're number one, you have to try harder. Here's the challenge. You're the world's largest supplier of industrial and building automation systems. Where do you go and how do you grow from here?Edward Krubasik, executive vice president of Siemens AG's industrial segment, faces this challenge daily.

By Jane S. Gerold
Info Management June 1, 1998

Buying Direct

As any postal worker can tell you, we are a country of catalog junkies. From Dell Computer to Land's End, we buy direct to save time and money. But can catalog sales work in the industrial marketplace? Are industrial customers willing to bypass salespeople and distributors to buy direct?One of the early pioneers to test this concept is Omega Engineering, headquartered in Stamford, Conn.

By Jane S. Gerold
Ethernet April 1, 1998

Fieldbus delivers

When I joined Control Engineering 11 years ago, one of our seasoned editors said to me, "Jane, keep an eye on that ISA SP50 committee. They're trying to develop a digital networking standard for smart communication among multiple vendors' instrumentation. It's going to be the biggest thing since 4-20 mA!"We waited.

By Jane S. Gerold
Control Systems March 1, 1998

The British Invasion

One if by land; two if by sea! It may not have been what our forefathers had in mind, but U.S. control companies should take note. The British are coming.In February, two independent automation suppliers, both located in California, were acquired by companies in the U.K.On February 6, Action Instruments, a $20 million supplier of signal conditioners, announced its acquisition by Eurotherm...

By Jane S. Gerold
Info Management February 1, 1998

Technology Bites Back

When Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle awoke from his 20-year nap, he found himself in a new country. When computer users wake up on Jan. 1, 2000, they may find themselves in the old century.Year 2000 poses a myriad of problems for computers and software applications that only recognize two-digit date codes (e.

By Jane S. Gerold
Process Instrumentation and Sensors January 1, 1998

Get Connected in the New Year

It's that time of year again—time to make New Year's resolutions. Quit smoking. Lose weight. Go to the health club. Pay off your holiday credit card bills. Spend more time with your kids.To your list of resolutions, Control Engineering has three more to suggest. First, Get connected. In 1998, we'll see more applications become network-aware than ever before.

By Jane S. Gerold