CNC, Motion Control

CNC, Motion Control January 1, 1970

Model, Simulate, Execute Simulation in Discrete Control

KEY WORDS PC-based control Machine control Software for control Flowchart programming Simulation Imagine a product design, completed in software, and rendered in 3-D graphics. This rendering allows designers to strip away layers to view and work on components underneath. Next, manufacturing engineers can design the machines, fixtures, and processes required to produce components and completed ...

CNC, Motion Control January 1, 1970

Power remote sensing

Florence, Ky.—G-Power Remote Series pumps up the power of tubular M30 proximity sensors to support up to eight tool-mounted sensors and now provides a rotatable rectangular head version for difficult mounting situations. The product eliminates corrosion and damage-prone slip rings and mechanical connections to provide a "connector-less" hook-up transmitting power and signal to/from sensor...

By Staff
CNC, Motion Control January 1, 1970

‘Power of Industry’ will propel Hannover Fair 2001

Hannover, Germany—Twenty-five halls will be "in play" to accommodate this year's edition of the "world's largest industrial technology trade show" on April 23-28, 2001. An extra benefit is the fairground's upgraded infrastructure, completed for Expo 2000, the World's Fair. Hannover Fair 2001 combines six "fairs" in its "Power of Industry" theme.

By Frank J. Bartos, Executive Editor,
CNC, Motion Control January 1, 1970

Protect Plant Personnel

KEY WORDSMachine control and discrete sensorsSafetyRedundant controlControl architecturesManufacturing has been a dangerous place to work since the beginning. Even as engineers have tried to design safeguards and unions try to educate members about the importance of safety, as late as 10 years ago it was not unusual to walk around a factory and see guards taken off machines and safety switches ...

By Gary A. Mintchell, Control Engineering