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Robotics May 1, 2000

Innovation and collaboration highlight National Industrial Automation Show, National Manufacturing Week

Everything may be everywhere, but the National Industrial Automation Show and National Manufacturing Week, Mar. 13-16, also featured innovations and cooperative efforts in many other manufacturing disciplines. Examples of e-commerce, web-based, software, hardware, and other groundbreaking products, services, and events at NIAS and NMW included:

By Staff
Robotics March 1, 2000

Hannover Fair Leads the Way to Expo 2000

How quickly another edition of "the world's largest industrial fair" rolls around. And this year it's no illusion because the fair comes a month earlier than usual—part of rescheduling several shows to accommodate Expo 2000, the World's Fair, starting its five-month run on June 1, in Hannover, Germany.

By Frank J. Bartos, Control Engineering
Robotics March 1, 2000

SPS/IPC/Drives `99: Snows slow only start of this growing technology show

Nürnberg, Germany -Winter came early to Central Europe and parts of Germany the past two years. In late November 1999, heavy snows added to travel hardships. ‘Chaos in the streets,’ in words of the local press, coincided with the start of Nürnberg’s major late-fall event, SPS/IPC/Drives-the Electric Automation Technology Exhibition & Conference, held here Nov.

By Frank Bartos, executive editor
Robotics January 1, 2000

Robotics Integrate PCs, Networks

Remember the "gaps" of past decades? The Sixties began with a missile gap and ended with a generation gap. The search for more "gaps" was rewarded in the 1980's with the discovery of a "robot gap." American industry was supposedly doomed because Japanese manufacturers had more robots than anywhere else.

Robotics November 1, 1999

Graphic Interfaces are Programmers’ Friends

Programming editors and languages are increasingly loaded with powerful functions. Faster, more powerful controller microprocessors and Microsoft's Windows-based graphic environment have combined to allow programmers to accomplish complex tasks.PLC programming was originally strictly Boolean. A statement would be something like "If (limit switch contact) A closes OR (motor starter contac...

Robotics October 1, 1999

Danaher buys Atlas Copco Controls

Rockford, Ill.—Pacific Scientific will partner with Atlas Copco Controls (Stockholm, Sweden) to provide solutions to the worldwide motion controls industry.This joint effort follows Altas Copco Controls' acquisition by Danaher Corp. (Washington, D.C.), which is also Pacific Scientific's parent company.

By Staff
Robotics October 1, 1999

Universal PC-based controller updates robots

With the growing acceptance of PCs based on Intel Pentium processors and Microsoft Windows NT operating systems, open solutions are spreading into most areas of factory automation. An open solution for robotics is Universal Robot Controller (URC) from Robotic Workspace Technologies (Ft. Myers Beach, Fla.

By Gary Mintchell, senior editor
Robotics July 1, 1999

Predictive Maintenance Widens Its Acceptance

Predictive maintenance is the most sophisticated of industrial maintenance and asset management techniques. It’s an evolving, forward-looking method that combines hardware elements–for sensing and collecting information about equipment operation–with software elements for analyzing and managing the data. Actually, predictive maintenance employs a collection of nondestructive methods to do its work; for example, vibration analysis, oil wear particle analysis, infrared thermography, various electric motor circuit analyses, motor parameter monitoring, etc. Predictive, more than preventive Sophisticated numeric analyses then go on to estimate machine health and predict remaining life of equipment, using historical as well as operational data.

Robotics July 1, 1999

Operator Interface Market Outlook Healthy

The North American market for industrial electronic monitors and operator interface terminals totaled $606 million in 1998, and should reach over $946 million in 2003, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.3%. This estimate and forecast is from a recently published market study by Venture Development Corporation (VDC) conducted in cooperation with Control Engineering. The report, ‘North American Markets And User Needs for Operator Interfaces & Monitors In Discrete & Process Manufacturing Applications, 3rd Edition’, makes a comprehensive and detailed assessment of North American markets for industrial electronic alphanumeric and graphic monitors, and alphanumeric, graphic, and PC based operator interface terminals used in discrete and process manufacturing applications. Product Definitions Monitors are display-only devices connected to a host computer or controller.

By J. Timothy Shea
Robotics June 1, 1999

Amplifier packs a punch

Pittsburgh, Pa.—ACS1335 and ACS1350 single-axis, digital brushless servo amplifiers each have a digital front end that uses PC menu-driven software. Encoder outputs to 1024 pulses per revolution are synthesized, providing the user with smooth operation at low speeds and high-position accuracy. The amplifiers have an integral power supply and are said to be well-suited to such applications...

By Staff