Robotics August 1, 1998

Electronic Motion Control Reaches for the Sky

Electronic motion control has become a complex combination of diverse elements—motors, drives, amplifiers, motion controllers, embedded chips, feedback devices, software tools, and more. This vast mosaic of solutions is supplied by hundreds of companies with new entrants expanding the list.

Robotics May 1, 1998

Motion, motor controls becoming “system-wide”

Integrated technology that is "system-wide" was a common theme echoing through the exhibits of many diverse companies during NMW.Baldor Electric (Fort Smith, Ark.) displayed solutions from software to 800-hp vector drives. Its brand new technology—direct drive linear motion via its acquisition of Northern Magnetics Inc.

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Robotics April 1, 1998

PC-Based Control Goes Real-Time

Personal-computer-based control is one of the fastest growing segments in machine control for monitoring a process and for discrete logic control of processes, such as material handling, machining, grinding, or gaging.Development of Windows NT by Microsoft (Redmond, Wa.) enabled PC-based real-time machine control to become reality.

By Dean J. Petrone and Michael D. Stackhouse, Timken Research
Robotics March 1, 1998

Hannover Fair ’98 Goes More Global Than Ever

Start the second 50 years! Hannover Industrial Fair begins its second half-century after a long, successful run that began under quite humble circumstances. This "world's largest industrial trade fair" arose from the post-World War II ravages of Germany.As Hannover Fair faces its second half century, more changes are certain due to economic and technology trends.

Robotics March 1, 1998

Industrial Process Robots

Elgin, Ill— Reis Robotics' new line of articulated-arm, six-axis robots feature payload capacities from 6 to 130 kg, and the ability to automate many industrial operations, such as material handling, machine tending, welding and cutting, gluing, coating, and spraying. Special aspects include ac drive technology with a digital, error-tolerant absolute measuring system to eliminate the eff...

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Robotics February 1, 1998

It’s Showtime!

Well, you asked for it. The 1998 edition of one of the world's largest manufacturing and technology shows is tanned, rested, and ready to go seamless.Evolving as a result of recent feedback from visitors and exhibitors requesting an even more streamlined and workable event, this year's National Industrial Automation Show (NIAS), and the three other shows that make up National Manufacturin...

Robotics January 25, 1998

Open, Modular Architecture Controls at GM Powertrain — Technical Issues

Operating Systems Hardware Platform Motion Control Open Device Level Networks User Interface Control Software Manufacturing Information System (MIS) Level Networks Application Programming Interfaces (API) It should be clear to the controls community that GMPTG is not trying to dictate the development of OMAC by specifying technical details for every aspect of OMAC. GMPTG is not going to lead the development of any new technology but will ride the technology wave! However, GMPTG engineers are not oblivious to the technical issues associated with OMAC systems. In this section, several OMAC technical areas will be examined.

By C. Michael Taylor, et al.
Robotics January 1, 1998

FLIR Systems, Honeywell, Industrial Devices, PC Soft, Robotic Workspace, SST, Visio, Wonderware

Recent major mergers, acquisitions, agreements, and contracts in the control and automation fields include the following:FLIR Systems Inc. (Portland, Ore.) acquired AGEMA Infrared Systems (Stockholm, Sweden) for about $80 million to create one of the world's largest infrared imaging companies.Honeywell Inc.

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