Wireless January 13, 2023

How wireless TSN can be a common foundation for innovation

Standards and implementation for Wi-Fi and 5G support time-sensitive networking. Table compares industrial wireless and wireless TSN capabilities.

By Martin Gubow
Wireless January 8, 2023

Important technological developments to watch for 6G

Several requirements are needed to be considered when designing a 6G radio to further improve link range as well as enhance data rate as research begins.

By Yu-Han Chang
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Wireless December 2, 2022

A guide to wireless antenna selection

It is important wireless transmissions are reliable regardless of situation. A five-step plan for effective antenna selection is highlighted.

By Ian McNeilage
Wireless October 6, 2022

Meeting smart factories’ evolving needs with wireless technology

Smart factories are tough environments for wireless communication technologies, but Wi-Fi continues to evolve to meet users’ requirements.

By Pelle Svensson
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Wireless September 27, 2022

Wireless technology benefits for industrial applications

The technical improvements in both 5G and Wi-Fi 6 make wireless technology an even more appealing choice for industrial applications.

By Oliver Hammarstig
rice simulation grid slider
Wireless September 19, 2022

NSF grants support future of wireless

Rice University researchers received three grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) as part of a larger effort to make wireless systems more intelligent and resilient.

By Mike Williams
Figure 3: Proof-of-concept test configuration uses new algorithms and 5G to resolve tough advanced process control challenges. Courtesy: Yokogawa
Wireless August 12, 2022

5G communications drive process industry digitalization

5G is emerging as an advanced wireless technology for industrial process requirements and can provide better on-site support in harsh conditions and better connect devices and machines.

By Hideo Nishimura and Shuji Yamamoto
Wireless August 4, 2022

Three ways to build reliable wireless communications for AGVs

When building AGVs and AS/RS systems, there are three factors machine OEMs and system integrators should be aware of.

By Calvin Chuko
Wireless July 24, 2022

Enabling 5G wireless communication through beam management

Novel beam management practices for 5G wireless technology are being developed to provide a reliable solution for mmWave communication.

By Rachel Rose
Wireless July 21, 2022

Industrial 5G fieldbus in R15 enhanced mobile broadband

5G technologies are in three parts; even in the first, it’s possible to communicate with industrial communications protocols. A fieldbus protocol can be used for industrial 5G, over the 5G R15 enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB).

By Stone Shi