It's an eight-step process for companies to turn data into information, according to Drury. Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media
Wireless April 11, 2019

Use context with IIoT to provide automation value

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has a lot of potential, but without context and a clear goal, value for companies will be less. See 8 ways to move from data to information.

By Chris Vavra
Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. Courtesy: LoRa Alliance
Wireless April 4, 2019

Networking groups announce liaison agreement

The LoRa Alliance and the DLMS User Association (DLMS UA) announced they have signed a liaison agreement to jointly develop DLMS-over-LoRaWAN to support smart metering use cases.

By LoRa Alliance
Courtesy: Hannover Messe
Wireless April 3, 2019

Hannover Messe 2019, Day 2: New partnerships, new Partner Country

Open Industry 4.0 alliance formed, Indonesia named Partner Country for 2020, TSN testbed released

By Bob Vavra
Courtesy: CFE Media
Wireless April 2, 2019

Architecture proposal for integrating connectivity standards released

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) and Beeond Inc.'s architecture proposal is designed to integrate core connectivity standards – OPC UA, DDS and TSN – for industrial systems.

By Real-Time Innovations (RTI)
IO-Link provides connectivity at the device and sensor level and allows even the smallest field devices and smart sensors to communicate their diagnostic data for analysis to understand functional and system status. Courtesy: Emerson Automation Solutions
Wireless April 2, 2019

IIoT-ready technologies improve machine controls

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies have the potential to improve user benefits through diagnostics, prognostics and predictive maintenance.

By Steven Fales
Edge computing simplifies an infrastructure by mapping once at the edge and delivering data in a more efficient way, with message queuing telemetry transport (MQTT). Courtesy: Inductive Automation
Wireless April 1, 2019

Control Engineering hot topics, March 2019

Control Engineering's most clicked articles in March 2019 included stories about the Engineers' Choice Awards, edge computing advantages, manufacturing and process facility trends, Big Data analysis, and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
An Omron Adept robot is part of and interactive pick-n-place factory of the future demonstration at the 2019 Automate show in Chicago. It includes a personalized laser marking demo. Courtesy: Omron
Wireless March 31, 2019

Don’t ignore these automation trends

Think Again: No one wants to miss the next big thing. What if the next big thing in automation for your applications has been here all along, and you haven’t noticed?

By Mark T. Hoske
Figure 2: This AutomationDirect C-more human-machine interface (HMI) touch panel provides local data logging to an SD-card or a USB drive. Courtesy: AutomationDirect
Wireless March 27, 2019

Working with the cloud

Using the cloud for data logging and remote access can improve operations, cut costs and simplify interactions.

By Jonathan Griffith
Figure 1: The PlantFloor24 global operations center at Maverick Technologies uses best practices to work with manufacturers to remotely resolve issues and provide solutions to keep operations up and running 24/7/365. Courtesy: Maverick Technologies
Wireless March 25, 2019

Managing remote monitoring

Remote management and monitoring applications help keep operations up and running. External remote management and monitoring teams provide specialized operational knowledge to help with automation and control system issues.

By Dawn Lewis and Evan Pederson
HMS Industrial Networks has acquired WEBfactory GmbH, a provider of web-based software solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Courtesy: HMS Industrial Networks
Wireless March 15, 2019

Web-based software solutions company acquired

HMS Industrial Networks has acquired WEBfactory GmbH, a provider of web-based software solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

By HMS Industrial Networks