Wireless December 18, 2003

U.S. Department of Energy and Honeywell to develop industrial wireless technologies

Honeywell recently announced it has been selected to negotiate a $10 million project, co-funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), to develop wireless sensor technologies that can meet plant floor operational control challenges.

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Wireless November 6, 2003

MillennialNet, Ferro jointly producing battery-free, wireless sensor networks

MillennialNet Inc. and Ferro Solutions have formed a technology partnership and successful demonstration of a battery-free version of Millennial’s i-Bean wireless sensor networking device. MillennialNet manufactures hardware and software for self-organizing, wireless sensor networks. Ferro develops energy-harvesting technologies.

By Control Engineering Staff
Wireless October 8, 2003

AutomationDirect, Cirronet developing wireless automation products

Atlanta, GA—Cirronet Inc. and AutomationDirect announced Oct. 8 that they’ve formed a partnership to tailor Cirronet's wireless products to the needs of AutomationDirect's industrial automation customers.

By Control Engineering Staff
Wireless July 1, 2003

Sensors Expo 2003: DVT, MillenialNet show solutions

Numerous innovative solutions were exhibited at the recently concluded Sensors Expo 2003 at the Rosemount Convention Center, including:

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Wireless June 5, 2003

Sensors Expo 2003: Millennial Net aids wireless sensor networking

Rosemont, IL—Millennial Net Inc. (Cambridge, MA) launched June 2 at Sensors Expo 2003 its i-Bean 5000, the latest version of its ultra-small, ultra-low-power, wireless sensor networking device.

By Control Engineering Staff
Wireless April 30, 2003

Wireless solutions expected to grow 47% per year to +$8 billion by 2007

San Mateo, CA—Open standards and key vertical market applications will ignite the market for low-power, low-data-rate wireless technology (LR-WPAN) and help it grow at a 47% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to more than $8 billion by 2007, according to a market research study released April 22 by the Wireless Data Research Group (WDRG).

By Control Engineering Staff
Wireless January 1, 2003

Exclusive: Industrial Ethernet software aims for ”revolution”

Ethernet continues to make inroads on the factory floor with additional momentum from major automation suppliers' solutions such as EtherNet/IP (implicit messaging) and ProfiNet (version 2). To support time-critical applications, network engineers have implemented advanced functional technologies, such as multicast and UDP (user datagram protocol), rather than simple transactional activities of...

By Gary A. Mintchell
Wireless January 1, 2003

Wireless troubleshooting package gathers, analyses, transmits data

Computational Systems Inc. (CSI, Knoxville, TN), Emerson Process Management's mechanical equipment monitoring group, introduced the 4100 MicroAnalyzer, a self-contained, wireless, troubleshooting package. CSI reports that 4100 can be deployed in minutes to gather, analyze, and transmit vibration, stress wave, and temperature data.

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Wireless December 15, 2002

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Wireless November 1, 2002

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