Process Safety

Process Safety March 1, 1998

Instant Fulfillment Promises Fast Access to Product Information

Want information on products advertised in Control Engineering but don't have the time for mail-in reader service? The answer is Instant Fulfillment.In addition to the current process of mailing in a reader service card and waiting for more information through the mail, readers can also access more information "instantly" on the web.

By Matthew Bellm
Process Safety February 1, 1998

New Sensor Has PreciseColor Discrimination

Engineers have long sought a sensor that can identify the subtlest color differences at the speeds and repeatability required by production lines. Well, their search may be over thanks to Omron Electronics Inc. (Schaumburg, Ill.). The company recently released its new E3MC RGB (red/green/blue) color sensor, which Omron says features a unique threshold sensitivity adjustment that allows pr...

By Staff
Process Safety February 1, 1998

Nematron Signs OEM Agreement with Schneider Automation

Nematron Corp. announced Jan. 27 that it signed a multimillion dollar contract to supply a series of its Pentium- and Pentium II-based open architecture industrial control computers (ICCs) to Schneider Automation (North Andover, Mass.) under a private label OEM agreement.

By Staff
Process Safety February 1, 1998

Off-Line Editor

El Cajon, Calif. —Mazatrol Off-Line Editor is engineered to allow users the option of writing or editing Mazatrol programs without tying up Mazak machines. This Windows-based application makes it possible to write, copy, and paste; insert a line; or change processes within Mazatrol programs while allowing the Mazak machines to operate without costly interruptions.

By Staff
Process Safety January 28, 1998

Open, Modular Architecture Controls at GM Powertrain — GMPTG PC-Based Control System Implementations

Spectrum of Control Applications at GMPTG Current Implementation of PC-Based Control Systems In order to execute the control strategies, GMPTG started to implement PC-based control systems on its factory floor. It needs to be clarified that a PC-based control system is only the first step toward the realization of the OMAC concept. The initial implementation of PC-based control systems enables an 'open' hardware platform to be used on the factory floor, even though there are still proprietary elements in the software environment.

By C. Michael Taylor, et al.
Process Safety January 27, 1998

Open, Modular Architecture Controls at GM Powertrain — Migration Plan

Validation Process he current implementation of PC-based control systems is strictly in discrete logic control applications. The OMAC concept certainly is not limited to discrete control systems only. GMPTG is taking steps to migrate the OMAC direction into CNC and robotics control systems. Table 2 gives an overview of the control migration plan for GMPTG by application types.

By C. Michael Taylor, et al.
Process Safety January 1, 1998

Selecting the Right Industrial Network

The vast number of available networks makes it a daunting task to pick one (or several) to best meet the needs of a particular application. This has probably hindered the use of networks in controls applications. The intent here is to discuss the process of picking a network best suited to an application, and not to compare the specific capability of different networks.

By Gary C. Peterson, Alvey Systems Inc.
Process Safety November 1, 1997

WorldFIP Network Helps Citroën Build Automobile Doors


By Control Engineering Staff
Process Safety January 1, 1970

Economic indicators online

Rates of production increase, manufacturing output falls, and shipments increase. What's going on when with the economy depends on where you look, and there's a lot to see online.On Feb. 16, the U.S. Federal Reserve issued its most recent statistical release on industrial production and capacity utilization.

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