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Sensors, Actuators

Sensors, Actuators January 1, 1997

Thanks to Interbus, Germany’s Transrapid Has a ‘Cool’ Journey


By Control Engineering Staff
Sensors, Actuators December 1, 1996

Multivariable Controllers Balance Performance with Cost

Controllers that juggle multiple process variables are neither simple nor common, but they can handle some of the most complex control problems.

Sensors, Actuators September 1, 1996

Sampled Control, Better Results With Less Data

Control Engineering classic: In this article, the consequences of performing feedback control with sampled rather than continuous data are examined.

Sensors, Actuators January 1, 1970

Control Engineering Highlights the 40 Best Products of 2000

Control Engineering editors— in the 14th annual process—highlighted the best products of the year, based on technological advancement, impact on the market, and service to industry.Editors selected from among thousands of products mentioned in Control Engineering and Control Engineering Online during year 2000, in nine product categories: Control components; Human-machine interface...

By Antonia E. McBride, and Control Engineering Staff
Sensors, Actuators January 1, 1970

Model, Simulate, Execute Simulation in Discrete Control

KEY WORDS PC-based control Machine control Software for control Flowchart programming Simulation Imagine a product design, completed in software, and rendered in 3-D graphics. This rendering allows designers to strip away layers to view and work on components underneath. Next, manufacturing engineers can design the machines, fixtures, and processes required to produce components and completed ...

Sensors, Actuators January 1, 1970

Smart two-way diaphragm valves

Irvine, Calif. —Two-way diaphragm valves from Burkert are available with intelligent On/Off , continuous proportional, or manual control. Available in either plastic or stainless steel, Types 2030/2031 are designed for automated process control and Types 3232/3233 for manual control applications requiring two-way flow control of ultra-pure, sterile, aggressive, or abrasive gases, slurrie...

By Staff
Sensors, Actuators January 1, 1970

Pressure Sensing: It’s Everywhere!

KEY WORDS Process control and instrumentation Process sensing Pressure sensing One of the most-used sensors, pressure instrumentation is found nearly everywhere now. The old process standby is still there—chemical change-of-state monitoring still requires tracking such mundane variables as pressure and temperature—but it now can be found, however tiny, in manufactured goods from au...

Sensors, Actuators January 1, 1970

Digital technology smartens Micro Motion sensor

Boulder, Colo.— Micro Motion Inc. unveiled its new MVD (multivariable digital) Technology at its Perspectives 2001 media event on Feb. 28-March 2. MVD Technology reportedly makes Micro Motion's flowmeters work smarter by using front-end digital processing to reduce signal noise and allow faster response time than with analog devices.

By Staff
Sensors, Actuators January 1, 1970

PVTs use diagnostics, go digital, deliver multiple readings

Trends in Process Variable Transmitters Diagnostic capabilities Digital protocols Faster communication ONLINE See this product focus at for additional information. Process variable transmitters (PVTs) perform a type of dance that goes on between various processes and the transmitter moving information to the end-user.

By Staff