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Simulators, Optimizers

Simulators, Optimizers May 1, 1998

Component modeling tool

Pittsburgh, Pa. —PEmag is a design tool tailored for the design of power electronic device components, such as inductors and transformers. It allows the designer to enter standard geometry dimensions for the components and perform fast analytical solutions. It automatically generates and solves a finite element-based model using Ansoft's Maxwell 2D Electromagnetic field simulator to ensu...

By Staff
Simulators, Optimizers April 1, 1998

Electromechanical system design tool

Pittsburgh, Pa.— Electromechanical System Simulator (EMSS) software provides the designer with tools to analytically understand the interaction of currents, voltages, and mechanical loads and motion within an electromechanical device prior to its production. When used in design of electric motor systems, transformers, sensors, or actuators, EMSS uses time integration and nonlinear iterat...

By Staff
Simulators, Optimizers April 1, 1998

Flowmeters Pass the Muster

Measuring the flow of fluids is critical in many industrial plants. For some applications, measuring flow accurately can make the difference between making a profit or taking a loss.Application media = technologyFlow measurement is media dependent. According to a study of flowmeter makers and worldwide users recently conducted by Automation Research Corp.

By Staff
Simulators, Optimizers March 1, 1998

May We Have the Envelopes Please

"Control products just keep getting more advanced, yet simpler to use,"was the consensus among editors at Control Engineering when it was time for them to choose the best control products of 1997. For the 11th consecutive year, the editors chose the 50 best products based on three criteria: technological advancement, impact on the market, and service to the industry.

By Michael Drakulich and Henry Morris, Control Engineering
Simulators, Optimizers March 1, 1998

How to Control Processes with Large Deadtimes

Processes with large deadtimes present a special challenge for a controller—any controller. The controller must wait until the deadtime has passed before it gets any feedback from the process.The best thing to do for controlling this type of process is to try to reduce the dead time. Simply moving a probe closer to the valve may do it.

By John Gerry, ExperTune
Simulators, Optimizers January 1, 1998

Advanced Control Software Goes Beyond PID

PID loops control a majority of the automated processes in industrial facilities. The proportional-integral-derivative (PID) algorithm is both simple and reliable, and has been applied to hundreds of thousands of control loops over the last 50 years.However, not all industrial processes can be controlled with PID loops.

By Vance J. VanDoren, Control Engineering