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Video: The lingering effects of Stuxnet If you think that Stuxnet has been fixed and the threat is passed, think again. The whole experience is heralding a new era of cyber threats aimed squarely at industrial control systems. That’s the message from two cyber security experts in this video as they consider the next steps […]
November 7, 2018
IMTS 2010: Baldor talks motor efficiency At the 2010 IMTS show at McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, CFE Media Group Publisher/Co-Founder Jim Langhenry interviews Product Manager George Weihrauch with Baldor Electric to discuss the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. The Energy Independence and Security Act (“EISA”), which was signed into law in […]
November 7, 2018
Tips and Tricks for Control Engineering Control Engineering asks for in the form below (and plans to post and publish) the best money-saving tips related to controls and automation. Take a tip or leave a tip about control and automation. Don’t miss this opportunity to help and learn from other experts in the industry. We […]
November 7, 2018
Product Exclusive: Smallest TFT Touchpanel with built-in PLC and I/O: EZAutomation’s EZTouchPLC Jr significantly reduces space in a control cabinet and minimizes amount of wiring needed.
October 15, 2012
Industrial PC-based controls in embedded PCs, HMIs, or integrated I/O modules will help manufacturing serve needs of expanding global middle class.
Mark T. Hoske
September 7, 2012
A well-designed machine vision system enables manufacturers to improve product quality, enhance process control, and increase manufacturing efficiency while lowering the total cost of ownership. A good machine vision design starts with selecting a motion-vision integration type, based on the machine’s automation tasks.
Priya Ramachandran
April 25, 2012
Machine vision locates parts for picking by one robot and checks the diameter and location of the pipe before it is threaded by a second robot, without fixturing or accurate locating. The application may lead to a new generation of vision-enabled robots to improve productivity and quality for oil tools.
John Lewis
April 19, 2012
Cost-effective, high-performance machine vision tools help machine builders increase accuracy and throughput on a new machine design using four cameras, one controller, and high-speed communications.
Maureen Clancy
April 2, 2012
Ask these questions as a starting point when considering a detection, inspection, or measurement solution using sensors, a smart camera, or a more sophisticated machine vision system. See checklist.
Kevin Ackerman
June 10, 2011
To determine whether discrete or vision sensors will be the most robust and cost-effective way to error proof a parts production, look at the level of complexity in the sensing required. See photo gallery and checklist: 8 ways to choose between machine vision or sensors.
Mark Sippel
June 8, 2011
Sick Lector620 image-based code reader equips engineers to track, traceability applications in a range of industries.
June 7, 2011
Mac335 from Pepperl+Fuchs can read small and large codes at distances ranging from 20 mm to 300 mm.
SOURCE: Pepperl+Fuchs
June 1, 2011
Sales of machine vision components and systems in North America soared 54% in 2010 to nearly $1.8 billion, according to figures released by the AIA.
May 31, 2011
PPT Vision’s Impact M500 series includes 12 new models each supporting multiple encoder configurations with direct digital inputs.
May 24, 2011
Balluff Sharpshooter ID vision sensor reads the most common codes on the market with high code module resolutions available.
SOURCE: Balluff
May 24, 2011
Vision system reduces scrap in high-mix welding environment and paid for itself in 2 weeks, according to return on investment calculations. See images, table.
Steve Geraghty, Teledyne Dalsa
May 16, 2011
Sick’s Inspector Viewer offers compact, real-time, touch-screen monitor provides advanced monitoring and trending.
April 28, 2011
EVT’s expanded EyeVision system opens up new application ranges of robot control by the combination of a depth sensor and a normal camera via the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect sensor.
April 21, 2011
Adimec’s Qs-4A40 and a Qs-2A80 cameras deliver performance of up to 170 fps with CCD-comparable quality through Adimec True Accurate Imaging technology.
SOURCE: Adimec
April 21, 2011
BitFlow Karbon-CXP frame grabbers are CoaXPress 1.0 compliant, support from one to four CXP cameras and up to four CXP multi-links, for machine vision use.
April 18, 2011
In adoption of technology, machine vision standard plays increasingly important role experts say.
April 7, 2011
Teledyne Technologies Inc. and Dalsa Corp. announced Feb. 14 that the Teledyne acquired Dalsa. The companies announced on Feb. 10 that Dalsa received the requisite shareholder approvals to be acquired by Teledyne. Link to related Dalsa and machine vision coverage.
February 14, 2011
Dalsa released software for its line of BOA Smart Cameras, featuring optimized core processing capability, advanced inspection functionality, and greater ease of use.
February 9, 2011
1D and 2D codes can be obscured and difficult to read in many applications, because of size, quality, printing method, or environment. Because of higher accuracy, image-based readers are rapidly replacing laser scanners in a wide range of manufacturing and logistics applications, Cognex said.
February 2, 2011
High-resolution M-390 Smart Cameras deliver increased precision and speed to the asynchronously-triggered, four camera Impact M-Series Embedded Vision System from PPT Vision.
January 4, 2011