Energy, Power

Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Energy, Power May 10, 2022

Lithium-ion battery market expected to grow

The global Lithium-ion battery market is moving into surge mode with an increase of more than 70% in 2021.

By Maya Xiao
Power Quality April 29, 2022

Lithium’s narrow paths limit batteries

Rice University study suggests stress among misaligned particles in typical cathodes limits flow.

By Mike Williams
Courtesy: Carson Slabaugh, Purdue University
Energy, Power April 20, 2022

Propulsion lab offers testing conditions for hypersonics, combustion

Purdue's High-Speed Propulsion Laboratory will feature testing capabilities for innovative research in rocket combustion and gas turbine engines.

By Brian Huchel
Courtesy: McClure Engineering
Energy Management April 2, 2022

Water energy reclamation for process facilities

An effective way to reclaim energy and reuse gray water derives from a process that uses elevated water temperatures for a research application. The control sequence for monitoring is highlighted.

By Erik Eaves, PE
Courtesy: Phoenix Contact USA
Energy, Power February 18, 2022

Product advice on improving system health with a dc-to-ac power inverter

Power inverter works with battery banks, solar array, mobile power and other 24 Vdc power sources, according to a company with a Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award product.

By Ken Allwine
Courtesy: Brandon Martin, Rice University
Energy, Power January 29, 2022

Using sound to analyze laser-induced graphene in real time

Rice University researchers discovered that sound can be used to analyze the properties of laser-induced graphene in real time.

By Mike Williams
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media
Energy, Power January 26, 2022

Lithium-ion battery production goes global

The latest research from Interact Analytics into the fast-moving lithium-Ion battery market offers a dual-track focus.

By Maya Xiao
Courtesy: Koosha Nassiri Nazif, Stanford University
Energy, Power January 22, 2022

TMDs could be used for ultrathin, lightweight solar panels

Stanford University researchers have developed transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), which could be used in mobile applications such as from self-powered wearable devices and sensors.

By Andrew Myers
Courtesy: Georgia Tech
Energy, Power January 18, 2022

Rubber material key fo long-lasting, safer EV batteries

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have found rubber could be an alternative to conventional lithium-ion batteries.

By Georgia Institute of Technology
Courtesy: Duke University
Power Quality January 16, 2022

Next-generation batteries propelled by sodium ion enhancements

Duke University researchers have developed insights into the atomistic dynamics of emerging solid-state batteries to speed their evolution and move beyond lithium.

By Ken Kingery