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Start-up automation-related companies at the 2018 A3 Business Forum include a lightweight robot arm, a vision-guide robot, robotic gripper options, simple machine monitoring, and talent assessment and development software.
By Mark T. Hoske January 18, 2018

Rovi Robot Vision was among the start-up companies showing newer technologies at the 2018 A3 Business Forum. Here, a small robot uses machine vision for guidance without any force sensors in the robot joints. Courtesy: Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering, CFE MediaSometimes what’s needed for an application isn’t apparent until it’s seen. Tables at the 2018 A3 Business Forum were available for an expected 650 attendees to examine startup companies offering various new automation-related technologies. These included a pick-and-place robotic arm designed to mount on mobile robots, a vision-guided robot without position or force sensors, robotic grippers, simple machine monitoring, and a talent assessment and development dashboard software.

Amper is a machine monitoring system by using a clamp-on electrical sensor that looks at a machine’s electrical use to easily measure, monitor, and report machine performance. 

Ampogee provides real-time dashboards and mobile application software to help users identify strengths and the biggest areas of opportunities. 

AndrosRobotics LLC designed a long-reach, lightweight robotic arm with force-controlled actuators for e-commerce order fulfillment on top of a mobile robotic platform. 

RGS Automation provides robot gripping solutions and helps with design, prototyping, and manufacturing of foam and magnetic grippers, vacuum components, accessories, and related spare parts. The company, based near Barcelona, Spain, expects to open a Boston office mid-year. 

Rovi Robot Vision uses an open-source robotic operating system (ROS) and machine vision to eliminate sensors in robot joints. This allows small, lightweight robots that operate only with machine vision. Foam can act as a tactile sensor while the machine vision analyzes the bending characteristics of the foam. 

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