EC: EasyHandling modular motion control system

Motion control: EasyHandling from Bosch Rexroth is comprehensive system solution for handling operations that bundles drive and control technologies and mechanical components, and standardized interfaces in a scalable offering. This is a Control Engineering 2012 Engineers’ Choice award winner.

November 18, 2011

With Rexroth’s EasyHandling system solution, users no longer have to custom-engineer solutions for their handling tasks and then purchase individual components to build a machine. EasyHandling from Bosch Rexroth provides economic automation of handling tasks. Seamless integration of all drive and control technologies with linear systems, standardized mechanical and electrical interfaces, and new commissioning assistants fundamentally simplify the automation process. EasyHandling also reduces the total time required to assemble, configure, and commission a plant by up to 80%, depending on the application.

Bosch Rexroth

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