EC: LCP DX refrigerant-based cooling for enclosures

Network Integration — Ethernet hardware: The LCP DX is a new refrigerant-based cooling solution ideal for computer rooms or individual enclosures that need cost-effective way to remove heat without the use of water or glycol. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

October 13, 2016

Rittal Corp. has introduced a new refrigerant-based rack and row cooling solution, known as LCP DX, for heat removal of critical IT components.

The DX line is available in two models, as a closed loop Rack or In-line solution, and is ideal for small- to medium-sized computer rooms or individual enclosures that need an efficient and cost-effective way to remove heat from IT equipment without the use of water or glycol.

Rittal has applied its design and technical expertise to create an innovative and highly efficient IT equipment heat removal solution. The new direct expansion refrigerant-based cooling systems is designed specifically to meet the equipment cooling challenges of the IT industry.

The Rittal Rack LCP DX delivers superior precision-based heat removal, as it puts the cooling only where needed to protect valuable IT equipment while minimizing energy costs. Furthermore, the Rittal LCP DX solution is a complete unified solution that includes air-flow optimized enclosures with includes baffles and blanking panels.

The LCP DX achieves maximum energy efficiency through its intelligent IP addressable management system, which monitors enclosure conditions and enables electronically controlled compressor and fans to continually deliver the required cooling.

Rittal Corp.,