EC: Liquiline Systems CA80 Analyzer

Process Control systems: The Liquiline System CA80 ammonium and phosphate analyers offer precise and reliable measurements, with the benefits of Memosens technology, fast commissioning, tool-free maintenance and cost savings. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

o keep discharge fees at reasonable levels and to avoid penalties, managers of wastewater treatment plants need real-time nutrient monitoring they can rely on. Liquiline System CA80 analyzers for ammonium and phosphate provide the security of precise and reliable measurements using standard colorimetric measuring methods that comply with the ISO and DIN directives.

A Liquiline System CA80 analyzer saves cost with fast commissioning , dramatically reduced reagent use, and tool-free maintenance. Memosens digital communications between the analyzer and sample preparation systems simplifies overall operation. Memosens technology also allows for an easy upgrade to a complete measuring station simply by connecting up to four Memosens analytical sensors, reducing cost even further by eliminating the need for additional transmitters. Operation of the analyzer will be familiar to a Liquiline transmitter user, as it is identical to the concept of other online analysis parameters, such as pH and dissolved oxygen.

The analyzer provides advanced diagnostics and process documentation from multiple logbooks that provide continuous documentation of the measured values and system operations.

With the release of the CA80 there are three new sample preparation/filter systems that include the CAT810 for sampling from pressurized pipes. Due to its low dead volume, it reflects process changes immediately and shortens the response time of your downstream measuring devices. The system is equipped with a cross-flow filter and backflush to avoid blocking. The CAT820 provides a flexible solution for bacteria-free sample preparation in aeration basins or process outlets. It is equipped with a ceramic filter and automatic backwash cleaning function. The Filter System CAT860 is used in demanding inlet conditions with an advanced cleaning system for the removal of fats and proteins that can block the ceramic filter.