EC: LP Series Encoder, heavy-duty rotary encoder

Machine & Embedded Control — Discrete sensors, machine vision: LP Series provides reliable, precise motion control feedback in a compact, low profile package using a magnetic sensing technology that allows for accurate position and speed sensing in harsh applications. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 13, 2016

BEI Sensors’ LP Series line of heavy-duty rotary encoders provides reliable and precise motion control feedback in one of the most compact, low profile packages for harsh applications. Using an innovative magnetic sensing technology that allows for accurate position and speed sensing, this product is built tough to withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, wet and dirty environments.

The encoder’s heavy-duty design provides an ingress protection rating of IP66 and protects the internal components from exposure to the elements, making these encoders durable and well suited for dirty and dusty outdoor applications. Encapsulated electronics protect the encoder from humidity, make it vibration resistant, up to 200 m/s2 (55 to 2000 Hz), and shock resistant, up to 3000 m/s2 (5 ms half-sine), and able to operate in extreme temperatures, from -40 to 100 C. A standard aluminum anodized housing resists corrosion and ensures long operational life.

The encoder’s low profile 35 mm hollow-shaft design makes for easy installation into space-restricted applications where available shaft space is limited, such as between industrial duty motor flanges and fans or in back-to-back motor mountings. A programmable option enables the user to select any resolution from 1 to 10,000 PPR, adding to its versatility in a wide variety of applications and reducing lead time and stocking costs.

The reliable and robust design of the LP Series encoders make them an ideal position sensing solution for the material handling, metal process, wind turbine, off highway vehicle, elevator, agriculture, oil and gas, and building automation industries.

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