EC: Sitrans FC430 Coriolis flowmeter

Process Control — Flowmeters, process sensors: The Sitrans FC430 Coriolis flow meter, with National Type Evaluation Program custody transfer approval, for volume and mass liquid flow, offers high accuracy with minimum pressure loss. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 13, 2016

The Sitrans FC430’s industry leading performance and custody transfer approval makes it a perfect fiscal metering tool for diverse industries such as oil and gas, petro chemical, and food and beverage.

As the most compact flow solution on the market, the Sitrans FC430 is ideal for locations where space is crucial and provides extra flexibility in any CT application—both new and retrofit. The sensor’s compact design is owed to its patented CompactCurve tube shape, which offers flow accuracies of 0.1% of rate on both liquids and gas. The Sitrans FCT030 transmitter delivers multi-parameter measurements of mass flow, volume flow density and temperature with enhanced simplicity and security. Innovative, user-friendly support tools provide direct access to operational, configuration and functional data. With its high accuracy and fast flow velocities, with both hazardous and sanitary approvals, the Sitrans FC430 sensor sets a new standard for flexibility, efficiency, and safety in liquid custody transfer flow measurement.

Siemens Industry Inc.,