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Most-viewed articles over the last several months for Control Engineering include stories on PLC programming languages, the Career and Salary Survey, Industry 4.0 and more.

By Mark T. Hoske November 22, 2023
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  • Understand the Control Engineering hot topics looking at the most-read articles posted mid-May through mid-November 2023.
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  • Learn how robotics and servo motors can accelerate EV battery manufacturing to accelerate the processing, including depalletizing, uncasing, loading and unloading, applying adhesive, welding, storage and picking.

People at Control Engineering, like you, do a lot of measuring to help optimize; below see hot topics mid-May through mid-November, including controller programming, engineering carers, motion and smart manufacturing, along with date of posting and links to the articles.

This extra look at what’s hot in Control Engineering for 2023 aims to ensure articles aren’t overlooked. Logically, annual hot-topic measurements provide an advantage to articles posted earlier in the year. Notice the diversity of automation and control topics among Control Engineering readers, apparent in almost all measures Control Engineering provides.

Control Engineering hot topics for articles posted mid-May through mid-November, include controller programming, engineering carers, motion and smart manufacturing.

Control Engineering hot topics for articles posted mid-May through mid-November, include controller programming, engineering carers, motion and smart manufacturing. Courtesy: Control Engineering

Hot topics in Control Engineering, later in 2023

Most read Control Engineering articles according to Google Analytics, for articles posted mid-May through mid-November 2023, follow.

1. PLC programming language fundamentals for improved operations, maintenance, July 18

Programmable logic controller (PLC) programming languages help keep manufacturing operations running smoothly. Learn about the five types of PLC programming languages and how they’re used.

2. Control Engineering Career and Salary Survey, 2023, May 15

Leading-edge automation technologies are helping solve workforce shortages and economic challenges by adding efficiency. Automation salaries increased more than bonuses fell. Worker shortages were cited as a threat by nearly half of respondents in 2023.

3. Manufacturer opens packaging and logistics headquarters, June 8

ABB Robotics’ dedicated Packaging and Logistics facility in Atlanta will develop AI-enabled robotic skills to help U.S. customers remain competitive.

4. Is Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing working for you?, July 13

2023 marks a dozen years of Industry 4.0. Control Engineering asked an Industry 4.0 expert how companies can tell if they’re moving quickly enough toward smart manufacturing and digital transformation. Are Industry 4.0 benefits passing you by?

5. How to create PLC ladder logic code with Excel, May 22

Programmable logic controller (PLC) ladder logic code can be mass produced with Microsoft Excel to generate repetitive logic like I/O mapping and alarms.

6. Beyond PID: 6 advanced strategies to add value to modern process control, Aug. 28

While PID control is a good choice for most process control applications, sometimes the application is too challenging or complicated. When that’s the case, six strategies can simplify the process.

7. 2023 Control Engineering Product of the Year winners announced, June 1

Winners of the 36th annual Control Engineering Product of the Year awards have been announced. See link to download the eBook.

8. Are you making the most of PLC programming standards from PLCopen?, July 4

IEC 61131-3 offers users a reliable framework to develop efficient solutions at all phases of their automation process, and is used to support PLCopen libraries.

9. What makes an engineering trailblazer? Read about the 2023 leaders here, Sept. 11

Engineering Leaders Under 40 include 34 rising stars of innovation.

10. Framework advances computer vision with pixel processing, June 24

USC Viterbi researchers proposed a framework to address challenges in computer vision, which could help autonomous vehicles and more process situations faster.

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