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Automation May 22, 2024

Arduino touts industrial line, interoperability at Automate

Guneet Bedi of Arduino promoted how open-source technology and platforms can help drive technology and innovation at the Automate Show 2024 in Chicago. The company also promoted its industrial line and the benefits of interoperability.

By Gary Cohen
AI and Machine Learning November 29, 2023

Bridging the Gap Series: The strengths and weaknesses of AI

AI is having a major impact on almost every vertical and every aspect of business, including industrial automation. But we need to walk before we can run. What are the strengths and weaknesses of AI, and where can it provide benefits over traditional industrial automation without AI?

By Gary Cohen
AI and Machine Learning November 8, 2023

Bridging the Gap Series: The future of AI implementation for manufacturing

Like it or not, artificial intelligence is coming, and fast. According to new research from CFE Media, AI is already being used in a high percentage of industrial automation environments, and those that aren’t using it have plans to in the near future.

By Gary Cohen
AI and Machine Learning October 24, 2023

Bridging the Gap series: The challenges of AI integration in industrial automation

AI is affecting nearly every aspect of industrial automation, but that doesn’t mean companies are not experiencing challenges. While AI can have a huge impact on everything from digital transformation to industrial networking to cybersecurity, 57% of survey respondents have experienced at least some challenges with its implementation. See video.

By Gary Cohen
Discrete Manufacturing September 14, 2022

Protecting the digital manufacturing supply chain while promoting innovation

Organizations must be constantly vigilant with not only their own cybersecurity practices, but also with those of their suppliers.

By Gary Cohen
Video June 11, 2022

Why tech companies need to embrace equity, diversity and inclusion

The high-tech sector tends to lag behind when it comes to gender parity and diversity. But diverse companies perform better and increase employee satisfaction, according to Dr. Lisa Graham, CEO of Seeq. See video.

By Gary Cohen
Control Systems September 20, 2021

Securing the future of industrial controls against cyber threats

The Fortinet OT Symposium, Energy Day, on Aug. 31, provided expert advice and best practices on how to secure the future of industrial controls in the energy sector.

By Gary Cohen
Cybersecurity September 2, 2021

Fearlessly implement cybersecurity at the edge

Edge computing is a growing trend in manufacturing and business. So what exactly is edge computing, and what does it mean for information security?

By Gary Cohen
Automation March 26, 2021

Challenging human quality inspection

Automated systems still struggle to replicate human efficiency in some visual inspection applications, but there are ways to get machine systems up to speed. Automated machine vision systems can improve over time; see three ways machine vision is catching up.

By Gary Cohen
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