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IMTS sustainability at edge
Edge Computing, Embedded Systems September 19, 2022

Navigating the road to sustainability at the edge

Achieving sustainability at the edge looks different for every organization. There are key steps to help narrow down which path to take to reach those sustainability goals.

By Morgan Green
Edge Computing, Embedded Systems September 14, 2022

Improving worker optimization on the factory floor with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to enhance worker productivity by gathering information about their work performance and turning it into actionable data.

By Chris Vavra
Edge Computing, Embedded Systems September 14, 2022

Automation and AI should be embraced, not feared

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have raised concerns about humans being replaced by machines in manufacturing, but the truth is they will add better and more meaningful jobs for humans.

By Morgan Green
Courtesy: CFE Media
Edge Computing, Embedded Systems September 13, 2022

Collaborative machine learning preserves privacy

Federated learning is a collaborative method for training a machine-learning model that keeps sensitive user data private.

By Adam Zewe
Figure 2: A complete and fully automated solution inspects solder joints at BSH. Using Micropsi’s MIRAI, the solution was trained through human demonstration instead of programmed. Instead of manually guiding the probe to each individual solder joint, employees can now concentrate on value-creating activities. Courtesy: Micropsi Industries
Edge Computing, Embedded Systems September 5, 2022

Software improves AI, automation flexibility

Software-based artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to give robots abilities that allow them to straddle the flexibility gap between small batch manufacturing and high-volume automation.

By Matt Jones
Courtesy: Brett Sayles
Edge Computing, Embedded Systems August 20, 2022

Improving aircraft design with machine learning

Researchers at Caltech and Harvard have developed a way to use machine learning to further improve the aircraft design process.

By Ben Peltz
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Edge Computing, Embedded Systems July 14, 2022

Approach to federated learning developed for creating AI models faster

North Carolina State University researchers have developed an approach to federated learning that allows them to develop accurate artificial intelligence (AI) models more quickly.

By Matt Shipman
Edge Computing, Embedded Systems July 8, 2022

Technology helps self-driving cars learn from own memories

Cornell University are trying to provide self-driving cars with the ability to create “memories” of previous experiences and use them in future navigation. See video.

By Tom Fleischman
Courtesy: Industry IoT Consortium
Edge Computing, Embedded Systems June 29, 2022

A framework for industrial artificial intelligence

Modern technologies enable the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to machine and operational process data to gain better insights.

By Wael William Diab
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Edge Computing, Embedded Systems June 22, 2022

Engineers build LEGO-like artificial intelligence chip

MIT researchers have developed an artificial intelligence chip that is stackable and reconfigurable, for swapping out and building on existing sensors and neural network processors.

By Jennifer Chu