Sensors, Vision

Courtesy: University of Missouri
Sensors, Vision May 15, 2022

Turning 3D images into 360-degree models

A Mizzou Engineering team has devised a new way to turn single panoramic images into 3D models with a system called OmniFusion.

By University of Missouri
Sensors, Vision April 28, 2022

Algorithm created to make computer vision autonomous

An algorithm has been created to solve one of the hardest tasks in computer vision: assigning a label to every pixel without human supervision.

By Rachel Gordon
Courtesy: Teledyne Dalsa, New Products for Engineers Database
Sensors, Vision April 23, 2022

Enabling simple cameras to see in 3D

Stanford researchers devised a compact optical device that could soon be used by common digital cameras to measure the distance to objects.

By Andrew Myers
Courtesy: Cornell University
Sensors, Vision April 21, 2022

Deep-ultraviolet laser used for water purification, sensing

Cornell engineers have created a deep-ultraviolet laser using semiconductor materials that show great promise for improving the use of ultraviolet light for sterilizing medical tools, purifying water, sensing hazardous gases and more.

By Syl Kacapyr
Sensors, Vision April 11, 2022

Four machine vision innovations for industrial automation

From optics and lighting to smart cameras to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), machine vision is growing in industrial automation and changing in many ways. Four innovations are highlighted.

By Andrew Abramson
Courtesy: Beckhoff Automation, CFE Media's New Products for Engineers Database
Sensors, Vision April 10, 2022

Machine vision, machine control convergence with PC-based automation

Machine vision systems have moved beyond elevated sensors to inspection integrated in controllers. Choosing the right based PC-based automation platform can make them even better.

By Todd Jarvey
Courtesy: Jose-Luis Olivares, MIT
Sensors, Vision March 3, 2022

Peripheral vision benefits for machines

MIT researchers have found similarities between how some computer-vision systems process images and how humans see out of the corners of their eyes.

By Adam Zewe
Courtesy: BitFlow
Sensors, Vision December 17, 2021

Industrial networks delivering bandwidth for vision sensors

CoaXPress 2.0 (CXP 2.0) and 10GigE Vision (10 GigE) are the two most popular interfaces for machine vision and discrete sensors; CXP 2.0 has advantages in flexibility, speed, bandwidth and cable length.

By Donal Waide
Zongfu Yu, Jack St. Clair Kilby Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and H.I. Romnes Faculty Fellow at UW-Madison. Courtesy: UW-Madison
Sensors, Vision November 10, 2021

Angle sensor allows microscopic measurements at video speeds

An ultra-compact angle sensor built from flat optics captures these measurements at 30 frames per second, which will allow for more accurate and precise measurements of tiny atomic materials.

By Jason Daley
Courtesy: Adlink
Sensors, Vision October 6, 2021

AI vision for monitoring manufacturing and industrial environments

Manufacturers can benefit from AI machine vision technologies by increasing uptime, leverage preventive maintenance and more.

By Chia-Wei Yang