Control Engineering hot topics, October 2023

Control Engineering’s most clicked articles in October 2023 included stories on PID strategies, AI integration, PLC standards and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By David Miller November 2, 2023

Hot topics in Control Engineering, for October 2023, for stories posted in the last three months included stories on PID strategies, AI integration, PLC standards and more. Links to each article below.

1. Beyond PID: 6 advanced strategies to add value to modern process control

While PID control is a good choice for most process control applications, sometimes the application is too challenging or complicated. When that’s the case, six strategies can simplify the process.

2. Bridging The Gap Episode 1: Challenge of AI Integration with Jeff Winter

CFE Media and Technology’s Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall discuss the challenges of integrating AI into industrial automation with Industry 4.0 & digital transformation enthusiast Jeff Winter, senior director of industry strategy of manufacturing for Hitachi Solutions America.

3. PLC standards for the new-ish millennium

PLC standards have greatly changed since the 1980s. Learn how modern programming tools have greatly improved PLC development.

4. How Industry 4.0 is evolving and fostering innovation, growth

Industry 4.0 is bringing technology, people and processes closer together and is continuing to bring power to the worker as the next generation of manufacturing begins. See video.

5. What’s new in wireless, RFID for IoT asset tracking?

Recent innovations have been good for tracking technology providers and end-users; what’s in the pipeline seems likely to provide additional industrial benefits.

6. Three things to consider when deploying edge computing

Edge computing is changing manufacturing in many ways and companies can take advantage of the many benefits it involves. Three aspects of edge computing to consider are highlighted.

7. How artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing process manufacturing

Manas Dutta, a general manager for Honeywell’s Workforce Excellence Growth Initiative, discusses the changes happening in process manufacturing and the impact artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) is having and will have in the industry.

8. Honeywell Connect Recap: Digital transformation, AI powering changes in manufacturing

Digital transformation remained a major theme at the second Honeywell Connect, but AI’s potential and use in manufacturing loomed large.

9. How to integrate process, digital technologies to increase petrochemical factory output

Automation and controls company and Chinese petrochemical firm integrate technologies for smart factory benchmarking. One plant reduced manual operation more than 50% and increased propylene yield by more than 0.1%

10. What makes an engineering trailblazer? Read about the 2023 leaders here

Engineering Leaders Under 40 include 34 rising stars of innovation.